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We will be raising the price of happy hours 10 credits. We have been getting a lot of feedback they are really hard to book lately. We are opening up a few more slots and by raising the price a little we hope this will help alleviate some of the problems with booking. 

There has been some grumblings from a handful of people about the bonus changes. The fact is a few months back we found a bunch of bugs in our bonus system that were giving out exponential bonus points that were inaccurately calculated off the accumulated points and not base points. Some bonuses and PU bonuses were worse than others. 

Rather than go back and repo the ill gotten points, we fixed the bugs and then dropped the points thresholds down 90% for EVERYONE. For example the old top level used to be 450 trillion. We dropped it to 45 trillion. We did this down the levels as well as with achievements that required point accumulation.  

Well of course we have some people who this wasn't good enough for.  Many of these same people exploited the bonuses because they knew exactly what PU combonations would give them the most points. They of course held this information very close in their friend circles nor did they ever clue us in. We started noticing crazy numbers and looked into it and realized there were many bugs. By fixing these bonuses we made the game more fair. 

We don't blame people for taking advantage of our errors, but we are not going to be reverting back to the old broken system. This is not fair to everyone on the site. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. 

As many of you know we had some issues with the Epic Diamonds awarding multiple times for the 25k like achievement. This achievement does not include the likelizer likes. It was awarding in error. It was actualy awarding multiple epic diamonds in error. We will be removing all but one epic diamonds you received on 9/5/18. You should not have received even one epic diamonds, but if you did, we are going to let you keep it. 

Moving forward we will be creating new achievements for the likealizer likes and regular likes that will combine both. If you want the epic diamond 25k acheivement you will have to gain likes how everyone else did directly to your page. 

Sorry for the confusion. 



Send your photos in your t-shirts or with your gear. Sticker photos are cool too. We will be rewarding random prizes to the people who extra creative. 

Send all links to the fubar Street Team page :)

fubar Street Team

@ fubar




Today is Easter. Eveyrone attaches a different meaning to this day. For me it has always been about family and friends. I have woke up every Easter for the last 13 years and logged into fubar. Many of you have been on this journey with us. 

It is ironic that some of us know each other better than we do our own family members. I want to thank everyone for logging in and making fubar their home. I know sometimes things get too serious here, but at the end of the day we are all here to have fun and hang out with our friends. 

Even the people who I have had differences with and who hold grudges, Let it go! Life is too short and if you think that I love having to tell you to act right, you are wrong. It is part of the job, and no it's not fun. I still have nothing but love for you too as long as you behave :)

Joking aside, please take today and reach out to the people you love and let them know. Do something kind for someone just because. Most importantly, thank you for taking time on Easter to stop by and say hello. Don't ever forget...The Legend of Scrapper is Real! 

Happy Easter


We removed the points counter temporarily to help speed up pages. We will optimize it and bring it back.

As you know the site was experiencing some lag on chrome. We stripped out things like the points counter that were not playing nicely with the new SSL security chrome requires. 

If you are still experiencing lag, please download a new copy of chrome, uninstall the old copy and then reinstall the new copy. 


Hello fuWorld

Today is a momentus day for the fuWorld! We have removed the 10% point share between fumarried couples. As our bonuses have gone way up, there are many who have made a game out of fuMarriage. fuMarriage started long ago and was for two fuLovers who wanted to join together in HOLY fuMatromony. Over the years, fuMarriages have been manipulated for nothing more than greed for more points and ranking. After consulting with the big man upstairs, BabyJesus and I had an ephiphany that we can only assume was the man upstairs channeling through us. He told us to restore the sanctity of fuMarriage for those starry eyed lovers who want to be united in an ever lasting fuMarriage. 

This may come as quite a shock to you parasitic members who have done nothing but gold digged your way into a relationship where you only benefited. It TWAS NOT out of love but greed. You same people have been complaining and crying. We can only attribute this to the fact that you will actually have to work hard like the others whom you have figured out a hole in our system to get ahead. If you continue to cry and whine about this, we will raise fuDivorces up to 500 credits. For those of you who cry fould and feel that you wasted your 80 credits on a fuMarriage. You must look in the mirror. You did get your wedding rings. You did get your achievements. You even got your points up until today. I suggest you get on your knees and repent and pray for forgiveness or better yet.....spend your time actually doing something on the site to EARN your rank. 

God Bless all of you! We can now live in peace now that fuMarriage is now pure again. 


Hey folks

As you know we are sending out the St Paddy's day email. There is a free gift and achievement that you need to click through the email to receive. I know many of you complain about NOT getting our emails. There are a few things you need to do to ensure that you get this email. 

1. Make sure your email alert privacy settings are turned on to receive our emails. You can do this in your settings.

2. Make sure you check your spam or any other tabs. If in spam remove it from spam and put in your inbox.

3. Save our email in your address book.

4. If you have done ALL of this, please then make sure you double check that you have actually really done all of these steps.

5. If you still did not get it, please send an email to priority_email@fubar.com with the subject Priority List and your USER ID.   IMPORTANT! ONLY EMAIL US ONCE! Some of you are spamming your email multiple times. If you do this, we will just remove you from the list. There is no reason to spam this adress or email it more than once. 

We will be resending to the people who are on this list. Keep looking out everyday for this email. If you still do not get it talk to a bouncer or message support. If we happen to resend to you and you then get two, please make sure to click through the email to redeem the achievement. If you already have the achievement, you will get an error. You can't get two achievements suckas!

I know many of you have complained abou this, we are working dilligently to fix the problem. 

I know many of you complain about email deliverability. We are trying to put together a group of people who can help us improve this. 

The email providers often block us or push us to spam. We need a select group who is willing to log in everyday and click through every email we send you. Yea we know it's kind of lame to have to do this, but this should help out overall deliverability. 

Unfortunately I do not have anything to give you for doing this. We are just hoping some of you will help the cause. 

Please PM me the email you login with if you are willing to help us out. Again, make sure its the correct email that is associated to your account. No you are not going to be on some scam list. 

This goes out to everyone out there. Please start clicking on all your emails in your account. This will also help us out with deliverability. Remember you can also configure this stuff to be sent via your mobile phone. 

If you are going to help us out then please make sure to turn your email stuff on in your settings so you get our emails. Some people asked what do you mean when you say click through the email. This means click into the email. Make sure to click on whatever links you to the site in the email content. This is really important. 

Please share this with your fu friends. 

With all the crazy bonuses in the last few months, people have been hitting the 1 trillion mark with fubucks. They have been asking us, why are my fubucks not accumilating. 

A select few players have hit the 1 trillion mark six months ago. When they realized there is no need to continue adding more zeros. We capped fubucks at 1 trillion. In order to accumulate more fubucks, you need to spend fubucks. I realize that some of you like to hoard those darn fuBucks. However, at 1 trillion fubucks we drew the line. You will see a few people who may have a few more than 1 trillion, but as a rule of thumb 1 trillion is the max you can collect. 

We did add NEW gifts in under the big pimpin drink tab. You can collect these gifts and earn achievements while burning those fubucks so you can collect more. 

Please share this with a friend!

OnlineNew Happy Hour Schedule allows you to book out 30 days!
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