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created on 04/12/2008  |  http://fubar.com/fubar-stuff/b206721
stop calling your self sexy or lil or angel if you are like 200 pounds or older (like over 35) its a lie, and its nasty just put down "i should have gotten laid more when i was younger when i had the chance" and if your profile is abunch of pictures of you playing with toys or showing your tits, then come on, you arent really an angel angels are boring some women still look good when they are older, and some arent 200 pounds, im not talking about those ones. They are lying to us or themselves
girls, please stop putting photos of your ass right next to photos of your kids you can make sepereate folders, and i dont think anyone wants to see your kids anyhow, so put them somewhere else. This is an adult area for adult fun. if i wanted to watch kids and ass, i would watch nickelodeon or mtv i mean really, would you let a guy go down on you on the couch while your kids were watching cartoons? keep em seperated
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13 years ago
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