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  1. Each player shall furnish his own equipment for play, normally one club and two balls.

  2. Play on course must be approved by the owner of the hole.

  3. Unlike outdoor golf, the object is to get the club in the hole and keep the balls out.

  4. For most effective play, the club should have a firm shaft. Course owners are permitted to check shaft stiffness before play begins.

  5. Course owners reserve the right to restrict club length to avoid damage to the hole.

  6. Object of the game is to take as many strokes as necessary until the owner is satisfied play is complete. Failure to do so may result in being denied permission to play again.

  7. It is considered bad form to begin playing the hole immediately upon arrival. Experienced players will normally take time to admire the entire course, paying special attention to well formed mounds and bunkers.

  8. Players are cautioned not to mention other courses they have played or are currently playing to the owner of the course being played. Upset owners have been known to damage a players equipment for this reason.

  9. Players are encouraged to have proper rain gear, just in case.

  10. Players should not assume that the course is in shape to play at all times. Players may be embarrassed if they find the course temporarily under repair. Players are advised to be extremely tactful in this situation. More advanced players will find alternate means of play when this is the case.

  11. Players should assume their match has been properly scheduled particularly when playing a new course for the 1st time. Previous players have been known to become irate if they discover someone else is playing what they considered a private course.

  12. The owner of the course is responsible for the pruning of any bushes, which may reduce the visibility of the hole.

  13. Players are strongly advised to get the owners permission before attempting to play the backside.

  14. Slow play is encouraged, however, players should be prepared to proceed at a quicker pace at the owners request.

  15. It is considered an outstanding performance, time permitting, to play the same hole several times in one match.



Think this would get their attention?

Don't forget to mark your calendars.

As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked and if he does, he must commit suicide. So next Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Time, and every Saturday thereafter, all American women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighborhood terrorists. Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorism effort.

All patriotic men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their houses to demonstrate their support for the women and to prove that they are not Muslim terrorist sympathizers. Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack at your side is further proof of your patriotism.

The American government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti-terrorism activity.

God Bless  America!!

I have just returned home from the hospital, I was in a little over 24 hours.

Diagnosis..... I had a stroke.

Health wise I am fine, the Doc says I'll still be around to give people a hard time but some things in my life have to change....


So in that note....


If you want a lounge coded, I'm sorry but at this time I am unable to help you... I must reduce the stress in my life...

If you thrive on Drama... Take it elsewhere.. I'm not interested never have been and never will be. Too bad but your drama crap has no bearing on me.


Originally posted at http://socialmediaanswers.com/a-review-of-fubar/comment-page-1/#comment-37578

I have been a member of fubar (Also known by other names as it evolved) for 3 1/2 years. I don’t work for the site, I don’t live in California and I don’t have the instant messenger, telephone numbers, personal email addresses or any other contact information of any of the fubar staff.

I did volunteer as a bouncer on the site for a period of time until personal obligations took away the time that I would need to spend as a bouncer so I chose to resign.

fubar is a Social Networking website with a twist, that twist being the addition of a points game to “level” on the site. The game takes certain twists along the way and like life itself the game changes. New goals are added and some old goals are removed when they are no longer relevent to the overall game.

fubar is an 18+ web site, 18+ is by no means to be taken as an adult website. Just because a person is 18+ doesn’t mean they are an adult, if they were they would definately know how to act like one.

The design of the site (black background) was chosen to make the site easier on a persons eyes so that they would be able to spend more time on the site without developing eyestrain or headaches that other colors can cause should the person choose to be there for extended hours.

Unfortunately all web sites need to have some form of income to be able to stay up and running. The fubar site started with blasts as an income and as the popularity of the site increased, so did the offerrings of ways to help support the site. This support from the membership of the site helps it to grow and evolve as the needs arise. All of these offerring have managed to keep the site advertisement free since its humble beginning. Those member that can afford to spend money, and even some that can’t choose of their own free will if they wish to spend on the site. There are no requirements on the site for a person to spend any of their hard earned money.

Yes, if a member chooses to spend some money, they will advance in the game faster. But that is their choice, is advancing in the game more important to them or is the social networking of the site more important? Personal choices each individual must make.

To the best of my knowledge fubar.com is owned by BabyJ (Mike), Scrapper (Ryan) and from the last word I had one other person thats name is unknown to me. Yes, it shows as the flagship of Social Concepts, the company that sits as the head of all the fubar related websites and ventures.

Overall, fubar.com is a great web site, filled with interesting people that can become great friends. I highly recommend you come see it for yourself, give it an honest try. If you are female and confronted by a pervert, block them. If you are male and come wanting to be a pervert, plan on being blocked.

Copy and paste this URL to come join the site as my invited guest:

OK.. I was confronted with another amusing rumor this morning... I was told that the mill says when I reach Oracle, I am planning to leave fubar. Ladies and Gentlemen... Please take a moment to think about that one... Almost 2 years of my life has been spent on this site with better than half of it beng dedicated to helping my fellow fubarians. Why would any person, in their right mind reach the penacle of a site such as this, gain so many friends, be seen in such high regard by his peers just to walk away and abandon all those they have come to be so close to? In short: This is a bad rumor I am no Idiot Who is creating such DRAMA? For those reading impared.... If you are a hater... Rate away... See if you can push me off the site... For those true friends... Rate away... I'll still be here and our friendships will blossom even more than they already have in the months and years ahead...
OnlineMan to his priest: “Yesterday I sinned with an 18 year o...”“”“”“
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