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Holydiver SDMF's blog: "Fubar Family"

created on 11/15/2007  |  http://fubar.com/fubar-family/b154986

Just writing a blog and pretending that anyone actually reads these things. Lol.  Been writing this for a while, but  finally getting around to posting it.  First off I have had some damn good times on fubar and met some cool peeps, rather friends or family.  But for about the last 3 years or so haven’t really been around much or doing anything.  Schedule some happy hours and grab the achievement bling and some of the quicker achieves, but actual time spent on fubar has been very little since about the end of 2011 or so.  As I write this I am #3 achievement holder and #1 point whore.   Neither of which I had ever expected to happen, even held #1 achievement spot for close to 3 months while my family member Lifes a Beach was away for a bit before she came back and totall kicked all our asses and reclaimed her rightful crown:) 

Fubar kicks ass and Mike and Ryan and rest of the staff have done a kickass job in creating a very cool and exciting site.  I however reflect at the time and $$$$ spent on here and really question, WTF have I been thinking for all these years.  Back when I was point whore #250 actually had more fun and involvement than I have being #1 for all this time.  I have found that no matter what rank you are, nothing changes, its all a state of mind for that individual and nobody else gives a fuck.  Once I hit #1 I didn’t get the rush or the grand feeling that I thought I would, it was  just another day.  Sure I can work overtime and regain the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve pissed in the wind here, but I can never regain the time out of my life, thank God I have at least not spent much here time wise in the last few years, but from 2008 to 2011 spent probably an average of 8 hours or more a day, and that time I can never get back.

One thing that has always bothered me was the fact that the top 10 point whores never had a color or a crown or anything to show the accomplishment.  Being top level gets a color and a crown.  And top level hasn’t meant anything on here in over 5 years or so.  Most the time there are several hundred top level people.  I personally haven’t cared about leveling since there were only 40 levels back in 2010.  To me, those where the good ol days when we all were excited about leveling, now it’s a whoop –t-doo. Lol.

But the one thing that has really irked me badly in the last year or so is the asshole fucktards that have limitations on their precious fubiks cubes and ponys being polished.   Get over yourself you assholes, their just blings and if you have DON’T POLISH anywhere in your profile or your username, then you suck ass and are a fuktard!!!!!!!!!  The one that kills me is don’t polish, need for achievement.  If you knew anything, you’d know that polishing your own cubes and ponys only counts towards you  polishing a # of those items and doesn’t count towards getting your own polished.  So if you would let people polish your stuff and you’d get off your lazy asses and go polish others, you’d kill 2 achievements at one time and be way ahead of the game and not look like a piece of shit to most of the rest of us.  I polished 135 cubes of others and got those 3 achievements, meanwhile getting mine polished by others every day, so I was 135 days ahead on getting mine polished because I was not a selfish fuktard.   Us upper level long time legends should be paving the way for newbies and helping fubar grow, but when people come to my page scared to polish stuff, that shows me that too many of you asswipes have made it hard and confusing for the up and comers.  Its just a ficticious little icon, a fake cube and a fake pony, so don’t act like its something special.   If your offended or mad at this, don’t care, you will get over it, just grow a set of balls and let people polish your shit you dumbasses. 

I am  not quitting or deleting, but I am basically done with the big game.  I quit worrying with achievements a few weeks back.  It was getting old spending a $100 a week or more on here just on LE’s for achievements, I mean that if stupid as shit.  I will still do the occasional happy hour and such,but April made over 5 continuous  years in the top 10 points, so at this point I really have nothing more I can accomplish on here that will  mean anything.  Cause none of it means nothing to begin with in the real world.  Try telling someone outside of fubar what you have accomplished on here and their like a deer in headlights.  And if you tell them what you’ve spent, then they usually look at you like your Charles Manson and are insane. Lol

Anyways, its been fun (at least a few years ago it was) and don’t regret any of it, but its time to chill and spend money on something that matters.  Please feel free to comment, whether good or bad, after all its American and free speech still stands til the liberals take it from us!!!!

Love you all, Holydiver~ VInce

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