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Hello. Just letting you all know if you haven't already that Level 75 dropped today.

Full of crazy 55,000 like Achievements and well....

the polish 500 Exotic Bling achievement.

I see they are already planning I guess what you can say will be "Likefest Lite" to help those that are already top level get the 55,000 likes achievement so they can be top level again.


Yay for them.

One of my favorite challenging things to do on here and to help a few others was to polish Exotic blings for the simple 100x of each Achievements.

It was fun and a silent challenge. Never had drama or any problems if you can believe it.

Although it's funny when you polish one and then the next day their bling is locked...lol.

It is what it is.

But now with the rise of the seemingly endless polishing bonus days, skeleton key bonus days on top of the never ending powerup bonus days well, doing it actually the old fashioned way has gotten to the point of being nearly impossible to do without a polisher or key.

I was (keyword: was) in the process of helping someone get theirs done recently and well, after seeing this today I feel fortunate I was able to get as much done as I did because...

Those days died today.

There comes a point in time when you are tired of seeing things die.

Relationships, friendships, now simple, enjoyable things.

I guess it's how the world works and as the only thing constant is change.

Especially here.

So I no longer feel the need to post things out here in the "game" aspect. I feel that there are better and more helpful blogs about that (see 92x's blog.)

And seeing this today just kind of killed the desire for me.

I hope it doesn't for you.

Thanks to everyone that read this blog and I hope that it helped some of you along the way.

I've heard "The Day the Music Died" a ton over the past two weeks.


Best of luck to you in your fubar gaming.


Hey kids. How are we? Hope everyone is doing well.

Today some new photo like Achievements dropped...

if you haven't seen them yet here is what they look like:



And yes, you read that correctly. "Top Level" a.k.a "Crowns" have to like YOUR pictures for you to get an Achievement.

The points are small but they are good for the effort involved.

But MY point is....

Let's see how many "Crowns" take the time to like your photos so YOU can get an Achievement from them for once.

I mean, you know, there were so many of them involved in Likefest and none of them would have gotten their trazillion likes if it weren't for YOU all...

With that being said...

let's see who steps up for the little people.

And then let's see what they are made of...

Any Top Level members that truly want to spend literally less than five minutes to help someone on a lower level for a change by all means volunteer here..

This should be interesting based on the statuses I already see flying...

I hope for happy stories - but you know how that goes.

Tales of horror always welcome.

Have a great rest of the week!


- JD

Hey everyone.

I am going to share something with you that you all probably don't know about as it is probably well before your time, but it has returned !

Hate someone? Want to anonymously tell them something?

Well, this blast from the past has just what you need. My most favortitest Fubar gift ever - the infamous "Dirty Weeds!"

What are Dirty Weeds anyway?

Well, this gift was actually here before me back in the Lost Cherry days. It went away for a bit but it has made a return. But what the vast majority of you don't know is that this very special handful of slimy growth has is this unique trait: You can send it without anyone knowing you sent it.

That's right!

Let's break down what it looks like, shall we.

Okay so if you send this joyous handful of filthy vegitation to someone, it will look like this in your feed..

In this example, this person sent this to me and the message said "I Hate you."

But you can say whatever you want in it, just like any other drink or bling message, this was just an example:



And then this is what the person receiving this compost receives looks like:




Best of all, this is absolutely free! Well, other than some FuBucks, but you get the point.

And MY point is....send someone some DIRTY WEEDS today!

You'll feel better I promise.

Just another fun obscure you-may-not-have-known Fubar feature.

Happy gardening!



- JD

So today changes were made to Fu-Owned. Please see the screenshot below.

This is also available from your Fu-Owned homepage:

What does this mean?

Well, you no longer have settings as to who can own you.

So for those of us who wished to "lock" their Fu-Owned that is no longer an option.

The 10% bonus points (you only get this if you buy someone with credits) is similar to the old Fu-Marriage 10% bonus that you received from your spouse.

If you buy someone with Fubucks you don't get the 10%.

The rest of it is outlined above.

Since the setting are changed now, it should be interesting because well, people have a penchant for drama. So if someone tries to buy you or does and you don't want them to, at this time the best way is to simply block them. But if you block a lot of people then well, you could miss out on other things.

If you really want to own someone under the new Fu-owned rules the best way would be to buy them with credits. But this whole situation is a huge caveat emptor sooo...tread wisely.

I'm sure since the points are high now for higher levels, people will come up with formulas and deals, etc.

There is also no reimbursement when the ownership (with bucks or credits) expires.

This is also a change.

They did this because people with trillions of fubucks were simply buying dead or inactive profiles and hoarding fubucks.

This information is how things currently are situated and any changes to this will be updated.

Thank you and happy Fu-ing!

- JD

Update 12/4/18:

Also if you own someone with credits you get a daily points report like the boomerang and bomb one telling you how many points you have earned from your credit-owned members.

Hey everyone. It's been a crazy week - with lots of new stuff.

The Black Friday sale ends Monday night at 12AM Fu time so don't forget to stock up on credits for your stuff.

This was one of the longest sales I think I've ever seen:

We also have a new Sea Goddess mermaid exotic bling...cool cool..this will be a big seller I believe.

I think when activated it looks like a seashell on your tooltip.

And a Level 74 dropped on Black Friday as well! Lot of stuff in there to accomplish, I'm sure it will a lot of fun, and a lot going on for sure - for those that do it:

Crazy times indeed. One thing you can always say around here you shouldn't be bored.

There's always SOME kind of crazy going on...



- JD

Hello kids.

About this time of year people start asking about the credit sales for the upcoming post-Thanksgiving time.

Below are some of what has happened the past couple of years. Hopefully this will help you in determining your credit-purchase decisions...

Last year, there were no Black Friday Sales or Cyber Monday sales that I recall. Which everyone thought was kind of strange.

But low and behold - we had a Fuesday sale on 11/28/2017 , the graphic is below:

The year before that was pretty crazy. While I don't have the graphics for that anymore I do recall there was not only a Black Friday sale but also a Cyber Monday sale. Also that year there were really deep discounts on exotics as well.

Bottom line: If it's your thing to buy bling packs this is a great time of the year to do it. Just stay alert any time from Thanksgiving day and even, as shown up until the day after Cyber Monday. Never know around here!.. Ok. That's a lot of posting today.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

- JD

I've seen some statuses about this, so I figured I would be totally lazy and screenshot Aggs' status for everyone that is noticing that you aren't getting the 2018 Thanksgiving Turkey/Ham game link on every profile you visit:

There's your answer..lol.

Tell a friend..

Happy Hunting!


- JD

If you have a costume you should probably enter as TODAY (Oct 31st) is the LAST day!

You might win some cool stuff, see below:

If you're interested contact the page below:


I didn't get my Darth Vader costume this year or I would be all in. lol.

Get that free stuff!

- JD

These are definitely busy times around here with new stuff going on and that's even before the traditional webbing and Halloween game coming up soon.

We have another new powerup called the "Bling Dazzler."

See below:

Basically it is what it says, giving bonus points to the person running it, the person who has the bling as well as the person that gave the bling. Multipliers for "liking" the bling only as shown. This is cool as you can get a lot of points (and Achievements sure to follow for it) since you can basically like anyone's bling now.

With this, you can like it again even if you've liked it with your "once in a lifetime" like before.

So it's something new, cool, easy and doesn't require much planning or thought.

And well, let's be honest. Who around here doesn't love that..lol.

Thanks for reading!


Hey all! Just to let you all know the new Level 73 dropped today and as of right now NO one has the crown..yet. Here are the requirements:

And as is Fubar tradition, some of the requirements you may have needed to get to your next level have changed!

Be sure to check yours out (if you're into that kind of thing of course.)

Thanks for reading!


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