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novscorpio's blog: "fragments"

created on 08/29/2008  |  http://fubar.com/fragments/b241910
Dear Sweet Theaza, I see your face, I hear your voice... O was earth placed beneath our weary feet just for you and I to meet, touch, and sculpt love complete! Your dancing eyes, your singing heart... I feel as if I have no choice, but to hug and kiss you... This being my only ambition and sole purpose in life-- to always be by your side, to always hold and cherish you, to always turn your frowns into smiles, to always be guided by the light of our love throughout the brightest and the darkest miles... I love you always, Steven
O Theaza please come to me... please come as my true friend, please come as my sexy lover, please come as my devoted wife! Please come to me My Sweet Goddess please stand by me always and forever! I am fully visible only to your eyes Theaza… only because you think of me and dream of me do I even exist! You are my world and I am your world, and soon we will be together -- living together, working together, shopping together, cooking together, eating together, cleaning together, playing together, dancing together, singing together, smiling together, laughing together, crying together, hugging together, kissing together, making love together, sleeping together and awaking together -- celebrating our family and world together, our simple world lit by beauty, affection, understanding, compassion -- true love!
Without You I am a pallid shadow of myself without you. Wherever you are, please incite all colors in me... I am of scattered dust, dawn to dusk without you. Wherever you are, please shape me into being… I am an arid utterance of voice without you. Wherever you are, please stir me into singing... I am an idle breath of truth without you. Wherever you are, please spark me into sharing... I am the dim notion of love without you. Wherever you are, please illumine all emotion... I am a heart lost in life without you. Wherever you are, please render me direction home... I am half hope and half fire without you. Wherever you are, please desire me complete... I am nothing, nowhere in All without you. Wherever you are, please always cherish my kiss... SR May 1997 ~ I dedicate this to my sweet Theaza
9 days to paradise and counting down! and how long we’ve traveled this cyber highway -- replete with its virtual pot-holes, crashes, rubber-neckers, traffic-jams, dazzling billboards and sparkling mirages -- and all the tolls we did pay, and all the fuel burned away -- and all the speed-traps we luckily sped passed, and all the drunken-drivers we safely swerved around -- and all the breakdowns we needed repair, and all security measures gnawing at our freedom and wallets -- and all the storms we endured, and all the faulty maps handed us to follow -- all only to find this miracle of love that we’ve finally found aglow in one another’s eyes… yes, all so worth it to always be with My Sweet Love! 9 days to paradise -- and I need you so much, and I want you so much, and I love you so much, Beautiful & Sexy Theaza! your Steven
alone night is huge I race through it trying to escape it but there is no end to it -- it goes on and on and on darkly and maliciously... but when our bodies are pressed as one oh how quickly night escapes us -- yes, how tiny is night then! come my sweet lover -- let's shrink night to proper size… come my sweet lover -- we still have all morning to play! SR 11/07/08 [for Theaza]
I awoke with a chill, laying in bed trembling -- aloneness gnawing at my senses. the coldness of seasons, like a faithful companion, crept in while I was sleeping to remain an unwanted guest! O Theaza by lighting my heart you have opened my eyes to this furtive trespass, this grim violation! O Theaza, please come curl next to me -- please come let our arms devour one another, please come let our kisses consume one another, please come and please gently unwrap me of this dreadful solitude! O Theaza, please come permanently infect me with your Love-Fever! SR 11/6/08
It is my heart that yearns to beat as one with my lover's heart, and they are my feet that yearn to travel in time with my lover's feet while we are holding hands every step of the way, and it is my soul that desires to always stand by my lover's soul, and they are my eyes that wait to be blinded by my lover's beauty in every kind of light, and they are my ears that need be filled by the songs and sighs of my lover's desires and needs, and they are my arms that hunger to embrace my lover day and night, and they are my fingers that hope to caress my lover's hair and skin, and they are my lips that thirst to taste my lover's lips and drink her love in, and it is my body that craves to rise, fall, wander, float and spin at one with my lover's body through all of life's seasons of joys and sorrows in a continuous dance of love that begins on earth and carries us to all heavens above, and it is my love that needs to burst aflame and endlessly burn together with my lover's love like the life-giving sun to give us direction, warmth and bring about new life!
It's not to explore whether or not will we spend the night together? It's to fulfill a mutual desire never to spend a night apart!
Beauty surrounds us-- we must be open to it every moment, every day. Simply recognizing this is living life to its fullest... Let go of sorrow, let go of blissful memories, and we will be able to celebrate deeper and more blissful moments in time, time and time again...Please, let all grief and joy flow through us-- savor it for the moment and let it nourish us-- accept and respect ourselves and those around us and we will always be in the midst of love. SR 9/2007
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