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FOOTNOTES OF GREAT IMPORTANCE TO ME this is something I was thinking about today and decided to post it,it is not perfect and neither am I, just wanted to share it God created the world Therefore he created you & I Adam and Eve broke the perfect life by disobeying his law and were cast out of the Garden of Eden The beginning of man’s sinful journey Murder Cheating Stealing Lying Incest Sexual immortality Captivity in Egypt - (Exodus) God gave the people a leader named Moses who got them out of Egypt God specifically gave Moses instructions (The 10 Commandments)which are in the bible and state what not to do The children of God still disobeyed so therefore they were punished (wilderness for 40 years) The human mind is constantly ticking,thinking, creating, wondering,evaluating or it could simply be a ticking time bomb waiting to go off Constant fight with the flesh There is a war in the mind of each of us (Good vs. Evil) God is a good God because he did not destroy this world, which he could have like he did the first world in Noah’s time (Noah’s Ark) We today are still living in our sinful ways, but do not think for one moment we do not live without being punished. I am so thankful that God gave up his son Jesus The Chirst to be the sacrifical lamb to shed his blood for me so that I can be forgiven of my many sins, and have a place reserved in Heaven. In the bible God has given us the free will and free choice to do as we see fit never force, Man has taken over and created his own laws (good and evil) and some of those laws do not comply with the law's of God. Which are deeply expressed and shown in the history books today but remember we will all have to answer for those choices which were made Whether we are Gay, Straight, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Mormon, Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Democrat, Republican, it makes no difference we are all God’s children (creations) and will have to answer for everything we have done since the time of our birth another note As long as we are in this flesh, which is sin-filled we will fight and stuggle daily with all things that are good & evil. I can definitely call myself a Warrior
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