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MinX's blog: "FETISH"

created on 04/03/2008  |  http://fubar.com/fetish/b203998

Staff Rules

1. NO DRAMA. If something happens go straight to MinX, or one of the Fetish Management. What ever the problem is will be fixed. (You can view the list of management in the pic folders on the Fetish Lounge page.) 2. No one is allowed to ban without first speaking with MinX, or one of the Fetish Management. 3. Activity is a must, such as reposting of FETISH bulletins, going into the lounge, and whatever your specific job is, i.e. promoting, greeting, etc. 4. When you log in, even if it's for just a second, go into the lounge and say hey and see what's going on, make sure everyone's playing nice. If you're gonna be logged in but afk, leave yourself in the lounge and lurk, we want the numbers up in the lounge. 5. All staff must be voted in. Vote ins will be every Wednesday. 6. Inactivity will not be tolerated unless already okay'd by the owners for whatever reasons. 7. Fetish must be added to your name. 8. MinX or the Fetish Lounge must be added to your family. 9. If you are a Cam Girl you must be able to be on cam AT THE VERY LEAST once a week. 10. If you need ANYTHING contact me, MinX, either on yahoo or pm me on fubar. I will respond to you A.S.A.P. 11. HAVE FUN DAMNIT!!

Cam Info for Fetish

go to http://www.ustream.tv

Cam 1

Log In: fetishcam1

Password: spankme

Cam 2

Log In: fetishcam2

Password: teaseme

Cam 3

Log In: fetishcam3

Password: biteme

Cam 4

Log In: fetishcam4

Password: lickme

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