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FUKA n LDB's blog: "Fake People "

created on 06/20/2020  |  http://fubar.com/fake-people/b371915  |  1 followers

I find it very funny that people still talk shit through their statuses and won't confront the people or person they are talking about most of us on this website are adult's but at least 65% of you talk shit behind people's back or you have your family or BBF's or who ever it is do your dirty work and when confronted you act like nothing was said or play fucking stupid most people just wanna come on this Social Site to relax and have a fun time they don't care how much of a pussy you are or the fact your mind is still in High School if you have a beef with someone go to that person or SHUT THE FUCK UP ! and another thing NO ONE CARES WHO IS WITH WHO that shit is old ....If you are that much of a jealous person maybe you should go find someone insted of fucking with someones happyness ! GROW THE FUCK UP .....and if you say you have someone's back keep your WORD !

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