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Warning: Do not read this blog if you're uncomfortable with the dark side of history, more importantly, the murder of children, or if you do not like having the rug pulled out from under your precious organized religious beliefs and holidays, because I pull no punches when I talk about the truth and the reality behind the veil.


 I'm going to get right to point and blatantly state that Halloween is and will always be about death. Halloween is about murder in the form of sacrifice. Halloween is and will forever be about blood ritual. The harvesting of souls. But that's only part of it, a vital part of it. In the following I'll cover the when, what, who, why and the how of it all, but first, it's important to explain what "Profane Worship" is and how we all play a role in it today...

 "Profane Worship" is not discussed very much, if at all, these days. You will find very little about it in the library or on the internet, and there's a good reason for that, one of it's main purposes is to be completely unknown, and practiced blindly, disguised as something else. An example of this is Christianity. Christianity is only the worship of Jesus Christ to the common man, the slaves, the plebs. To the people who invented Christianity, it is Sun worship in disguise, a branch of the very ancient Solar Cult. Some call it "Astro-theology". Every aspect of Christianity is derived from how the sun moves through the heavens in relation to the zodiac constellations, and these movements were then turned into allegorical fables. Jesus represented the sun(Son of God), and his 12 apostles were the 12 signs of the zodiac. The most important day of worship is and was SUNday. The cross itself is one of the oldest sun symbols known. Men were punished and killed upon large wooden crosses in an act known as crucifixion, as a means of making human sacrifices to whatever Sun god was being used at the time. The sun rises in the East. This is the basis of the holiday called Easter = East Star. The Virgo constellation, depicted as a young female virgin, overlooks the rising(birth) of the sun, and became The Virgin Mary. The three prominent stars of Orion, known as Orion's belt, became the "three wise men". I could go on and on, but this is enough to grasp the point I am trying to make, what is presented to us, by our parents, by our grandparents, in religion, in school, in college, on the internet, on TV and in movies, is a fable. It is the basis of what profane worship is. Believing in something that has a much bigger, more powerful something behind it. Why is it that profane worship is the backbone of our entire culture and view on reality? Because that's part of the ritual. We are pawns in a ritual older than recorded history itself. This may be difficult for many to wrap their brains around, but the masters of this world have been at this for 1000's of years, and we are mere subjects in their dark rituals. I touched on this briefly in my "Peace Sign" blog. "Peace sign" for the dumbed down plebs, when it's actually Nero's Cross, the oldest anti-Christian/death symbol known to history for the small group running the show. Profane worship, when being consciously believed by millions at once, creates a collective energy, a dark low vibrating energy, that is desirable to those operating behind the veil, but that's a whole other blog in itself. Keep this concept in mind.  Back to the origin of Halloween...

 Halloween is a time of death and sacrifice, and originated from an ancient Druidic ritual called Samhain. To the druids, this was the death of Summer. Beltane was their birth of summer. The druids would organize a great ritual this time every year, which was disguised as a celebration to the common folk. The druids believed that at this time of year the barrier separating the living world and spirit world became thin, allowing powerful spirits to pass through and interact with the living world and allowing human souls to be passed into the spirit realm. Samhain, being the 1st of November, would be prepared for in the weeks prior, the main days of ritual and celebration being October 31st and November 1st. This was right after harvest time, when plants were cut down, leaves were changing color and falling to the ground, and things began to die. A time of death. The druids would adorn masks and travel the land prior to Samhain, collecting harvest offerings and 1st born children for sacrifice. That's right, they would knock on your door and demand your first born child to kill in a blood ritual. It was considered honorable to give your child up for sacrifice. The druids convinced people that the spirits would look upon their family in great favor for doing so, and they would be protected from any wrath of these spirits. Crop failure and sickness was believed to be at the hands of the Gods and spirits. Virgin children were sacrificed to a God called Ba'al, the lord of the dead,  in various ways such as having their throats cut upon alters, their blood drained into vessels and drank. Impaled on stakes and sometimes burned alive. This sounds horrific, but at the time, it was as "normal" as a Christmas day church mass is today. Men and women would wear masks and costumes, in hopes they would be left alone by the circulating spirits, by appearing as one of them.

 When Christianity(Sun worship) rose to great power and influence, they decided these ancient Druidic rituals needed to be further disguised and sunk deeper behind the veil. They tossed Samhain and called the celebration and ritual "All Saints Day". The human sacrifices were no longer public rituals, they were performed secretly by the elite families and high priest class or the Christian order. Children were kidnapped instead of selected and offered up. The Pope and his high priests are NOT Christian, and at no time in history has the Pope ever been Christian. All Saints Day eventually became various names such as "Eve Of All Hallows" Hallows being a derivative of "holy", "Hallows Even", "Hallows Eve", and it eventually got further glossed over with the name "Hallowe'en" or "Halloween" as most people know it today. It will always basically mean "Eve of the holy day". The day of death.

 This is where I sum things up to the modern day ritual we all practice. We practice the most dumbed down version of Samhain ever woven into culture, but that makes the profane ritual even stronger than ever, being so blind to it's truth, so disconnected. What the druids never told the common folk 1000's of years ago, is that dressing up as ghouls and ghosts, didn't protect you from the spirits, it actually attracted them to you, because you're consciously welcoming them into your personal energy by engulfing yourself in the whole idea of it to begin with. Those clever druids. Like I said, we've always been pawns in dark ritual. So today, the majority of the people taking part in Halloween are virgin children, and they're dressed up by their parents, attracting the spirits, and go door to door, just like the druids once did, collecting. It's like a sick ironic joke, but plays a powerful collective role in the ritual. Jack O Lanterns symbolically represent the heads of the sacrificed. Horror movies are flooded into our world around this time of year, to spread the concept of death and fear into the human collective consciousness. Movies where men in masks slaughter people(just like the druids did), usually teenagers, by the dozens. Movies about evil spirits and entities passing over into our world are just as common in the genre. Classic horror films such as "Halloween", directed by 33 degree Freemason John Carpenter, has a masked character named Michael Myers performing ritualistic sacrifice during Samhain, disguised within a story of a psychopath. This format has been repeated 1000's of times in countless movies and you better believe it all plays it's own special little role in the profane ritual we simply see as our culture of entertainment. The actual blood rituals are still being performed secretly during late Oct. 100's of children go missing every year, gone without a trace for more reasons than most would ever want to know. I don't mean to taint your favorite time of year, but like I said, I do not pull punches, so don't think for a second that the sacrifice of children is a thing of the past, because October has been and will always be a time of death and blood ritual, it's just being done out of our view.

 Enjoy your sugar coated death ritual. Happy Hallows Eve. 







PROLOGUE: I've been fascinated by the world since I was a child, but not the world presented to me via public school indoctrination, the majority of published books, television programming or movies, but the world that exists beneath the veil. The esoteric. The mysteries that remain mysterious. Who's making those shadows on the walls within our Plato's Cave? Why are they doing so? This has driven me into meticulous study. I'm going to share some of my insights in this blog. 


"A wolf in sheep's clothing" depicts images of a lethal threat infiltrating the flock for insidious reasons. A predator in disguise. It could run the flock down, sending them into a panic, running for their lives, taking down one or two in the ensuing chaos, but feeding comes easy to the wolf, it has bigger plans in mind, so it keeps it's hunger at bay, pretends to be one of the sheep, and plots. Learns the ways of the flock, earns their trust, and in time, sinks it's predatory motives into the flock's minds, changing their perception, changing how they think, feel, and behave.  

  A group of brilliant and powerful men adorned the symbol of the wolf in sheep's clothing as their group's coat of arms(pictured above) when they emerged in 19th century England as The Fabian Socialist Society. The concept of wolves infiltrating the flock of society described everything they were about perfectly. These men wanted change, but not change for the happiness and prosperity of the common people, but change that suited their needs. I won't delve too deep into the Fabian Socialist Society, they require a blog all to their own, I'm leading up to truth of the "Peace Sign" and how it came to be.

 Some notable Fabian Socialists: H.G. Wells, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, George Bernard Shaw. The Fabians loved to employ brilliant and talented writers and thinkers. Many publications from members of the Fabians acted as propaganda disguised as entertainment. Orwell's "1984" is a great example of this. It was named "1984" to honor the 100 year anniversary of the 1884 founding of the Fabian Society. But the member I really want to discuss is Bertrand Russell. Bertrand Russell was a very brilliant man and part of a very powerful family. He's most known for being a philosopher, historian, mathematician, political and social activist, Nobel laureate, but what very few know about Mr. Russell was that he was a practitioner of the occult. Anyone who's read his works or even skimmed through the themes he focused on, could tell you Bertrand Russell was a devout anti-Christian. The man despised Christianity. Most powerful elitists do, especially since it doesn't coincide with their occult beliefs. I'll be returning to Mr. Russell after I jump back in time a few thousand years.

 The "peace sign" is a wolf in sheep's clothing symbol. It's only seen as the "peace sign" by the "common people", the public, the plebs.  It's real name is the "Broken cross", "Nero's Cross" or the "Neronic Cross". It's origins go back so far, it nears "pre-history", past the time of the Druids, who used it as their "death rune", but it made it's most powerful mark in history during the time of emperor Nero. Nero hated Christianity even more so than Bertrand Russell. He had a vision of the Christian cross in front of the sun, inverted, and broken. He turned his vision into what became known as Nero's Cross, the oldest anti-Christian symbol known to man. He crucified Saint Peter upon an inverted broken cross to make a powerful statement to Christians. Even when Nero was long gone and dead, and Christianity rose to power, anti-Christian cults worshipped Nero's Cross for centuries and still do today. 

 Now I'm going to explain how and why the wolf in sheep's clothing symbol became part of our modern culture. Devout anti-Christian, occult practitioner Bertrand Russell just so happened to be made one of the heads of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1958. Let's keep in mind this brilliant man was very well versed on Nero's Cross well before given this position and he adorned some sheep's clothing, as Fabians do, and very cleverly implemented the ancient anti-Christian symbol into the public, but not without a front that would go down in history as the new origin of the symbol.  It's ancient origins couldn't be revealed at this time and hopefully never, so a fable was created to buffer his precious symbol into our modern culture. Nero's Cross, a symbol worshipped for centuries, used in dark rituals longer than Christianity itself, became the "peace sign" in a matter of days. The indoctrinated history states the peace sign was invented during this event in 1958, but does not mention that that it had already existed for 1000's of years.  This is how "profane worship" works in the world of the occult. Occult masters present symbols and numbers in very clever ways, always disguised as something else, to the masses, to the collective consciousness of the public's mind, and this becomes part of their sacred ritual, for profane worship is the worship of something one does not understand, and it manifests a collective dark energy occultists value greatly. Think of it as a parent giving their baby a set of house/car keys, because they're shiny and distracting, they keep the baby occupied and quiet, all the while the child has no clue the power and purpose of what it's playing with. 

Thank you for taking the time to peer through the veil.

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