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created on 10/24/2006  |  http://fubar.com/erotica/b17544
ENCHANTED PLEAS (Adult Only) captivate me amid whispered desires leading my passion to depths unexplored feeling the heartbeat each intake of breath breathe me deep to the depths of your soul enchanted pleas we boldly unfold bind me with silken threads of gold on red satin sheets cause me to moan whisper sighs on heated flesh make me burn for that smooth hard sweat your touch the flame that lights the fire hands glide I slide and dance and tempt my bond mounting passion beginning the flow fingers caressing hardened peaks of soft supple form making me weak touch of the master lips wander on devouring flesh as tears cloud the eyes I watch mesmerized as your lips light my love seeking to please between my thighs amid the glow of naked desire on your tongue I flow like sacred fire understanding the love and passion within each plea a kiss each kiss a plea magic the spell the enchantress in me falls prey yet again to the hand of the master stroking me slow and softly I sing loving passionate enchanted pleas
My Sweet Sweet Love (adult Only please) come here to me and I will show you step by step the path to your seriously wicked sinfully wrought most beautiful ADDICTION at this my mind does begin to reel the look of mine eyes deep within his begins the slow burn of a desperate feel at the base of my thighs where my flower resides I know the dampening of a stream a flow slowly he peels his gaze from mine as my eyes follow the line in the curve of his lips as attentively they wander me down nipping the skin between us two making it known I am his queen his lips so firm and erotically moist around the curves to cling to my breasts suckling there til I shiver within and yet the real story has yet to begin yes I think I now understand the light in his eyes guiding me through the wink that tells me let it all go pull back the curtain and invite you all in to this my ever ADDICTION my mind is not clear on whether it is or whether it not yet leaving it now up to your choose for I am all set to loose myself in this man I love and the perfect sexing of me that he gives in his arms that's where I live where I become all ever I need ever I want ever I feel I be and ever I give to the gaze in his eyes as he does in mine slowly deliberately he builds within me the fiery flame that burns me away his teeth closed tight about my nip he gently tugs a deep desperate moan from my trembling lips from the very depths of my soul wrapped in his need in the roll of his tongue so soft round and round spins my head dizzying me excitement in he binds my hands in the grip of his at my sides immovable not allowing me his hair or head making me suffer this exquisite delight and making me feel the experience of him his breathe hot upon my quivering flesh each move on my skin a temptation a sin wandering down my body so leisurely and methodically on his lips a call to my howling soul licking and lapping my soft tender mounds then traveling on traveling down south crossing my belly butterfly filled and into my mind knowing from experience what's next to come ADDICTION is like that this ever ADDICTION of mine we know the sin well over the curve of tanned shapely hips hovering just barely above enticing me bold sucking a spot right on the bone causing me to gyrate and groan a maddening want built and still he does not give in to my struggling form washing my body with the gift of his tongue burying nose in the scent of my glow licking and laving that strip of soft fur that leads to my deep covered bud of desire so swollen and hot his eyes look to mine his gaze tells me NO let it all GO as he takes control and possession of all soft gentle kisses lips at my clit me out of control I struggle to free the arms he holds bound wanting to give as much as receive there is no release he just continues on this sweet gentle torture my ADDICTION is he just the feel of him between soft wanton thighs bucking wild against that whiskered chin rubbing me to life within the look in his eyes as he goes down pleasuring me with all his desire the quiver of body as he drinks me up the nectar of loving the wine sweet of me the joy deep within and that knowing bestowing look I adore as he performs a dance with his mouth upon needy my soul I celebrate this an all consuming basic need for sex and sexing the he and the me morning noon night in between I never forget our sweet carnal sweat sensitive and sensual Dionysian delight it haunts my soul and keeps me ever wet panting and pawing at the door of this our sacred love-making bed and next time I get to give
THE DREAM (Adult Only) Walking quietly through the musk scented pine covered field, I close my eyes and the breeze fills my senses. The enveloping warmth of the evening shadows caress me, and I relax. I let down my guard and allow my mind to wander free and take me places I long to be. The frogs croaking create a natural symphony that soothes the beast within. A sense of security surrounds me. I feel safe, at home with the water lapping the shore, nourishing my soul with the rains of renewal. I lie down in the soft moist emerald grass and listen to the stream rolling across the granite rocks. I close my eyes. The last rays of the evening sun snake lazily across the heavens. I sleep. Suddenly my senses are completely alert. I open my eyes and sit straight up . . . I search the shadows looking for the presence I feel in the darkness. I call your name and wait for an answer. There is no one there . . . but yet I feel you . . . I know your presence like I know my own name . . . it overwelms me with longing. Are you thinking of me at this moment or is it just me that feels the strings that bind stretching across the miles that separate us? In a desperate attempt to ease my own growing frustration I slide a hand under the soft cotton material of my shirt. I shiver. The tightening of my nipples all I need to free me. Knowing I am fighting a losing battle I allow myself the pleasure of my own hand sliding up and down my body exciting my breasts to taunt bold peaks. I relax on the damp earth and let nature caress me as nothing else can except . . . you . . . The evening grows late and the "whooo whooo whooo" of the owl in a nearby tree wakens me. The bushes stir beside me. Alone in the pitch black of night yet I am not afraid. I know your presence before I feel your touch. I let myself fall and hope only to never hit bottom without the feel of your arms wrapped about my soul. I press my body's yearning to extreme and feel the hair of your chest against my nipples. I push you back on the ground and climb to that place I long to be. Passionately pouring myself onto you and letting the touch I crave carry me off. Into the dreams for which I live. The breeze brings a chill to my flesh, but the desire and heat of longing between us consumes me with the fires of renewal. The voice in my mind whispers "I've missed you so" and ignites me as nothing else can. I slide your body within me letting what is between us form a place all it's own. Caressing your body with all of me. I desperately seek every part of you as a part of myself. I let this fire burn deep through the night. Uniting past, present, and future in the bright morning light. I awaken alone by the stream, dew dampened and satisfied. Knowing it was you coming home in my dreams. My hope the future. My dream.
SLOW BURN (for one very special man) Softly hands slide longingly over naked human flesh Lighting a flame within that burns so deep so hard so long Eyes closed to the world outside Open only to passion’s desperate plea In the mind the eye does see does feel does flow a river of coursing fire Hands so firm Take hold upon desire as it calls Lovingly caressing a woman deep inside Urgent moans and murmurings aching only for more more tantalizing Oooooooohhhhh's lips on erect nipples warm tongue delves within her soul whispered heat upon her skin driving her further on fingers rake her burn a slide between waiting thighs lips swollen pouting full the eyes of her lover devouring as he watches from the door his erotic delicacy sensitivities awakened her fingers a firey tongue lapping spirit mind and soul her gentle ministrations now a persistent unrelenting burn panting breaths fill the air plunging ever deeper until her sacred river flows
This one is for the ladies (ADULT CONTENT) Do You Want to Sit on Santa's Lap Many times we are just too damn busy to do the things we want to did you go to the mall this week buying the present wrapped in ribbons and bows decorations all over the house forbidding the pets to make it a mess planning the meal for the holiday feast would it not be nice to have someone anyone to just rub your feet end of the day you are nothing but tired that man in the red suit is supposed to do all the work somehow you got stuck with the load walking through the mall did you want to stop push the kids out of the way and sit on his lap yeah pull on his beard whisper in his ear YOU owe me big guy and I come to collect give him a bit of the pain he deserves? give him a lap dance to make him sqirm then leave him hard wanting and unable to continue his job but no you held back your urges now someone must pay that man on the couch he's the one flip off the tv no matter his ire climb on his lap and give him a smile take out frustration that built through the day make that man know he's your santa now whisper your wishes make him check the list tell him exactly how naughty and nice it's your Christmas now make Santa pay you'll feel better I promise you will! Merry Christmas now GO!
WOMEN WRAPPED IN FLESH AND BOWS (adult only) SIlk and satin deep crimson red Velvet and lace tied up in bows moonbeams cast in candle glow scented vanilla fills the air rose petals float on waters pale shimmering eyes flexing thighs skin on skin wet with the sea of sensual sin sweet ecstasy alight to passion's fire sultry strings play desire lips cherry red fingernails match leave a trail of erotic thought bound to bedposts stretch the ropes but never free a lover tied while eyes devour what hands can not beside him but a breath away he watches his lover and her best friend play soft mounds sway fingernails red scratch against sheets abunch nipples pink and desperately taunt sweet feminine lips on pulsing clit he moans he groans he twists and turns each sensuous tease on female flesh cause in him a deep torturous burn his eyes captive to each flick of the tongue each sweet plea a sugar sweet treat beauty is beauty no matter the price long and hard want now a need the purring desire lights him a fire two sets of lips upon flaming need all set to devour seed licking and laving between manly thighs man can hardly believe his eyes their lips touch upon his fles two tongues swirling around the tip then they connect pleasure in groans one rides him hard one licks his chest four thighs wrap his torso and to heaven he flies eyes shut tight as he explodes presents wrapped in flesh and bows
Seductive Meanderings (this the story of a soft sensual tease – more to come – we've just begun) Tension rising of the baser affections The scent in the air a temptation to seduction The taste so sweet Like pure honey straight from the comb Whispered desires lead the way Contemplation neglected in this time of action Beautiful eyes filled with exotic wonder the body's betrayal of the mind complete legs spread wide no boundaries set the ultimate in pleasure experience satin bound ankles satin bound wrists silken sheets on which to twist the roar of the fire reaching out to claim all innocence candle glow on naked flesh melted chocolate drips on nakedness heated breath across taunt sensitive breasts breathing shallow short sharp pants the need of more causes to dance each rustle of the sheet a sensuously erotic art the chocolate slowly drips lower and lower the hand of lover on empty bowl a tongue licks the edge of glass lady groans a chocolate river between flexing thighs the smile of lover adoring all he sees this the beginning of a soft sensual tease
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