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What do you do when you have, one of the most amazing people in the world right in your grasp. But how is it you have so much to say to that person. But when you go to speak none of it comes out. How do you watch that person walk away, knowing that everyday that goes by the present of them is gonna linger. Knowing that you gonna be dieing inside wishing, all those unspoken words that you had bottle up. Would have just came out. But for that reason you once, had to let love slip out of my grasp. But only a fool would let it happen again. Even when it is one the hardest things to do. When the words just run throughout you head and make you dizzy as you keep trying to express how you truly feel. When you stand their trying to open up, let it out. As the few simple word's seems it would be easy to come out. That it would feel amazing, to tell him how your in love him and would always that he was the one your only one. To hear it out loud, praying it would lift the biggest pressure off your chest. To know your wasnt gonna be that fool you once was, that you wasnt gonna let love slid out of my grasp this time and having to feel that way you did when you had to watch him walk away not knowing how you truly felt. But for this time you would be walking away with him, making you most happiest person in the world. Then you finally get the courage to do it. When you see him your just gonna walk up to him an let it all out. But when he walks in, his smile blinds you again making you stumble over you words. All those things you had said over and over a million times. Just ramble together, then all that comes out is something that mean's nothing. You stand their like a fool, as you watch the last chance you have to make things right. But once again you just let slip out of your grasp, watching the man you are head over heals in love with just walk out of you life once again. Knowing deep down inside as you heart just races that you will never be able get that chance to express how you truly feel. In you shatter heart will the only thing that will the reminds you that the pain is real.
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