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created on 11/19/2006  |  http://fubar.com/stuff/b26272  |  1 followers

Just for funzies, here is my drink list for Friday into Saturday morning (I got home at 5:45am, started at 5:30pm)


  1. Disaronno with dinner (Nice Thai meal)
  2. (First bar) Shot of Tequila followed by a shot of Sambuca
  3. Double Disaronno
  4. Cocktail #1 - Lime Vodka, prosecco, lemon juice, fresh watermelon, watermelon syrup
  5. Cocktail #2 - Vodka, Tequila, Triple sec, gin, rum, fruit tea, blackcurrant jam, lemon juice bitters
  6. Jagerbomb 
  7. (second bar) Double Disaronno
  8. Cocktail #3 - Haymans sloe gin, Bombay Sapphire gin, Portobello Road gin, Cherry Heering, Maraschino liqueur, sour citrus, passionfruit, pineapple, sugar and a dash of absinthe
  9. (Boss' House) 3x Potent Gin and (slimline) tonic
  10. Potent vodka and tonic


Not bad going I don't think, considering I wasn't drunk and didn't have a hangover the next day :D

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