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La mujer perdona las infidelidades, pero no las olvida. El hombre olvida las infidelidades, pero no las perdona.
Heartache may be brought on by the disappearance of a commitment from a loved one, loss of communication, loss of companionship, loss of a dream, death, divorce and rejection of love to name a few.... When your heart of compassion feels like turning to a heart of stone there are things we can do. Remember that if your heartache is NOTcaused by a death of a loved one, you are still experiencing grief. There is no amount of knowledge that can prepare you for that kind of emotional unleashed lava!. . Try to examine what is really broken in your heart. What does a person take from your heart when you believe they are never coming back or they have changed the rules of the playing field? Does it tamper or rob you of your spirit, your pride, your perception of life, your family, and/or your expectations for the future? Does it rob you of your self-worth? Whatever it does – it hurts. Know that you can't escape from the pain. It is an emotional laceration. If it were a physical injury you would reason that it takes time, patience and proper treatment for healing. It isn't any different with emotional injuries. They take patience, time, understand along with the proper treatment. Sometimes all your mind wants to do is look in the rearview mirror of the unwinding events that caused your pain?? All I'm saying is to take the time to grieve your heartache. If you don't acknowledge the ache, you may leap into a mistake just to dull the pain or distract you from the necessary work for healing. There is valuable space in our hearts for forgiveness and understanding. Don't be stuck in the mud hole of helplessness. You can tell yourself that by accepting the fact that the way you want things and how things exist are two different things. Only you can change how you look at experience and/or relationship. When you think you can't go on one more day – you and only you have the ability to determine you are capable of going on. Sometimes we have to simply let go. Releasing the past involves the freeing of the bonds that keep us tied to the way things used to be. When heartache happens – nothing is ever the exact same. You can't help the way you feel but you can help how you think about the facts. There comes a point when the heartache is reasoned with and accepted as a stepping stone to new levels of understanding about yourself as well as the situation that was the cause for the heartache. We still have to work through this complex and pain in the ass time!There isn't anything easy about life's disappointment and losses. But we can all still reclaim our self worth, recover from the pain and restore our life to our own greatest expectations! Said with much love from me to you.
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