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37 Year Old · Male · Joined on August 10, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on May 3rd
37 Year Old · Male · Joined on August 10, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on May 3rd

Hey folks my name is Paul or whatever u wana call me i'm not bothered lol

I'm 24 woot woot,i am a Taurus so i have a temper like a bull sometimes but oh well dont we all have abit of bull in us lol
I am from England,not everyone in England drinks Tea by the way,some drink Coffee you know like the big dude in green mile John Cofe just not spelt the same lmao

I'm single now (awwwwww i know),but oh well i dont have to worry about anyone or have to answer to anyone either so its all good but i'll probably end up missing the little things like a hug lol,but nevermind i'm a young lad so i will just have fun with my lad mates :D

If your wondering yes i do have msn and yim so thanks for wondering :D

I have a mum shocking i know oh and i also have a dad who had intercouse with my mum and thats how i was introduced into the world for everyone that dont no about the birds and the bees thats how we become 1 so 24 years ago i was a sperm in my dads left testicle (as its only the left 1 that carrys sperm) bet u guys didnt no that lol.

I also have 3 brothers Adam Aaron and Ben and 4 sisters Louise Raphele Chantelle and Nicole
I have 2 nephews and 1 niece (i think) Molly,Josh and Issac

I love mainly Rock music as that is INSTRUMENTS aka Drums Guitars Pianos and actuall Singing they dont need to mime but i do like old RnB when they actually did try instead of nowadays when all they do is just do it all by computers or they just take someone elses song and just rip it off cuz they aint that talented and then they destroy someones song that was good (cascada) but yeh anywho i like rock music and indie lol

Films i love any film that is decent and over 2hrs long comedys are great Jim Carrey is hilarious is any role Will Farrel is legendry in Anchorman,i dont like action films when its 1 man taking on 50 people and winning (lets see them do that outside of the film industry lol) i love japanese and chinese films just dont like it when american directors take their films and add there things and everything to it and make it crap but i guess whatever gives them loads of money...Martin Scorcese best ever Director for so many reasons just look at his film list on what he has done Denzel best actor there is best actress is prolly Hilary Swank

I love comedians my fav comedy show was who's line is it anyways,but comedian wise has to be....Lee Evans,Jack Dee,Jimmy Carr,Ross Noble,Eddie Izzard not peter kay he just steals other people material and uses the same stuff in every show and i dont really find american comedians funny as they all talk about the same stuff but i do like impressionists like Frank Caliendo and Pablo Fransisco

Well fubar is just somewhere i come to listen to music when i get bored of my own lol and just chat to ppl as most ppl r cool and deserve a chance
But i probably wont fan,rate or whatever it is people do on here as i dont see the point in it all i mean if u want fubuxs thats cool but me personaly i would like the real thing and dont buy me a fu-drink if u wana buy me a drink meet me down the pub and mines either a fosters or carlsberg lol so i'm only here to listen to music (and see what 1s i wana download) and chat to people.

Well thats me people i'm honest and everything and if you dont like anything i said or owt like that then erm i'm not really bothered as this is the net and people take this stuff way to seriously i guess i'm like marmite u either love or hate me personally i cant stand marmite or borvil i like peanut butter and lemon curd yummmmmmmy lol but yeh if u wana get to no me more just leave me a msg in my shoutbox and if you dont wana get to no me you can still leave a msg in my shoutbox and if ppl that hate what i say u can leave a msg in my shoutbox to.

I am a funny dude as well so people that dont like me will miss out haha lol

Oh yeh Best tv show is Family Guy its just awesome,did u know that family guy is the biggest selling tv show ever (outselling the simpsons) as when fox canceled it not once but twice it was dvd sales that got it back on the box so go Family Guy (stewie for president)

well thats me dude n dudettes take care and all that stuff love and kind regards sincerley Paul xxxxxxxxxx

37 Year Old · Male · Joined on August 10, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on May 3rd

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