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SurferGirl's blog: "Disney"

created on 10/08/2008  |  http://fubar.com/disney/b251058
We spent today at EPCOT... We needed some sleep so we did not get to EPCOT until just before 10... I sent hubby with the kids to Imagination why I ran over to Soarin' to get FASTPASSES as it always has a long wait and the fast passes tend to get run out early in the day... I jumped on line at Living with the Land and my family caught up with me there just as I was nearing the end of the line. I love that ride because of the awesome greenhouse at the end...boy I'd love to have a hydroponic garden. :) How cool is that? After that we tried to ride Nemo at Living Seas but it broke down with us in the middle of it... we had to listen to the sound track over and over and over again..."Hey! It's Nemo!" "Mr. Ray! Here comes Nemo!" Yeah it's Nemo! "Oh there you are Nemo! Okay everyoe...let's go adventuring!" (Try listening to this on a loop for 10 minutes straight---while watching graphics capable of inducing seizures!!!) They did give us "Fast Pass" to use "on any ride except Soarin'" althought he ticket only said it was good for Mission Space, Living with the Land, or the Maelstrom... (And you know, of course, that when we tried to use it on Test Track later the Cast Member at the Fast Pass return pointed out that it was only good on those rides stated--but if you know me... I explained to him we were told it was good on any ride--in spite of what it said. (cus that's what we were told) so he let us on... good job... cus other wise he'd have bitchy me in his face. LOL. We at at the Sunshine Food Festival or whatever it is called... I had a grilled chicken Ceasar salad with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert which was outstanding. :) *I* went on Mission Space...but my family--who were headed to the "less intense" version of the ride (you know me...I need the action!) and it turned out my youngest was too short to ride...I did not know this until I got back from Mars though... For dinner we at at Chefs de France--I had a filet of beef that was quite good (though not as good as the one I cook) and a Cocktail de France.for dessert I had some kind of chocolate mousse with strawberry sauce, banana with rum/lemon marinade and some coconut... it was good but not as good as the strawberry shortcake! We tried to see Off Kilter perform at the Canada pavillion but due to rain the performance was cancelled. (Can't imagine that any self respecting Scotsman would cancel a performance due to a little rain--but what do you want? They are central Floridian pipers...so I suppose you can't expect them to be weatherproof. The Food & Wine Festival is on at EPCOT so we partook in a few beers and some snacks at the kiosks around.... had a Lamb slider at New Zealand.... a Lobster Roll at the Hops & Barley or something that was sponsored by Sam Adams which is my favorie beer-so I had a beer there to wash it down. I had another beer in the UK that sucked so I trashed it... It was undrinkable in my opinion. Blech. Tasted like soap suds. We went home viat bus from Beach Club to Downtown Disney to avoid the Illuminations crowd... two of my three kids feel asleep on the bus to our resort from Downtown Disney.. and I think they have the righ idea! I am off to sleep as well! I am beat! Later my fu's... Muah!
We arrived at our hotel room last night just before 11PM and grabbed a quick bite at the food court. My older son had a minor melt down because, though the food court is open until midnight, we were not told that the grill station shuts down at 11...and I swear they closed it down while we were standing there studying the menu. He had to settle for pizza instead of a hot dog..and as hungry as we were, and tired after a long day traveling, he did not handle it with good grace. So we ate and went back to our rooms and got the kids to bed... Our suicases arrived just before midnight...and I settled in to sleep fairly well. We were up and dressed and out the door before 9 and arrived at the Magic Kingdome just ater 9AM... As usual--we kick things off with the Pirates of the Caribbean. My 4 year old, who has been on this ride countless times since he was 3 months old, was suddenly deathly afraid to go on this ride... but I dragged him on promising him he would be safe....and he acquiesced after a lot of coaxing... We managed to get on Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, the People Mover, Tomorrow Land Speedway,the Teacups and the train..and had lunch at Columbia house. We left MK at abou 5 to take a zip back to the hotel... the kids wanted a swim...and then we got ready for dinner and back to MK for dinner at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary hotel. I have never see my daughter eat so much Macaroni & Cheese... Mickey Mouse tried to steal some of it but she was not in the mood for sharing. My 4 year old danced up a storm--he was in a great mood... For dessert he came back with a plate full of sprinkles... My daughter came back with a plate full of gummy bears. My oldest made himself a sundae which he could not eat--it was too full of junk. LOL. So anyhow I am home in my hotel room--in my bad with my aching feet...and I am going to catch me some much needed shuteye... I'll check in with you fu's in the AM! We will be EPCOT bound. I think my feet are going in sneakers tomorrow! XXXXX
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