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35 Year Old · Female · From Detroit, MI · Invited by: hitupmyspace · Joined on January 6, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 20th
35 Year Old · Female · From Detroit, MI · Invited by: hitupmyspace · Joined on January 6, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 20th

What up this ya girl jessica b.k.a Delicious and i'm a 21 year old mother of 1 beautiful son for all of you who don't know me and don't know what i'm about. I represent for the viluptious big girls all over the world.I love being a big girl as you can see there is no shame in my game. I keep it real all day 365 days out of the year.I'm a libra and any body that knows anything about us you know that i like to stay flier than a space ship so if you like what you see and hear hit ya girl up oh and all haters stay the fuck off my page!!!!!!

35 Year Old · Female · From Detroit, MI · Invited by: hitupmyspace · Joined on January 6, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on October 20th
I just like to do me and have a good time with my fam.I like doing things like going to the mall or out to eat or just to a movie just bascially chilling.

LIBRA September 24 - October 23
Ruling Planet: Venus - The planet in charge of beauty, love peace, and stirring sensuality

Libra is one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac, but if Libra can't get what they want from one lover, they will opt for two! They are notorious for having double standards in that situation too. They’ll look you in the eye and say "never cheat on me, coz I would never do it to you", even when they have a hot night of passion planned with someone else! Librans are more turned on 'giving' than 'receiving'. They have a big heart and are the least selfish sign of the Zodiac. Libras are not very open about their thoughts or fantasies. They'd rather say nothing than tell the truth and offend or embarrass you. In bed, it takes a while for them to be comfortable enough to tell you exactly what they want.

As long as they are lying down, they're happy!

K.Y. Jelly. I will say no more!

The Libra man sees sex as an exciting adventure and he'd be very keen to do it in kinky places like a restaurant toilet! He likes being a bad boy if there's a chance he might get caught. He'll try out any fantasy you have, but whether or not you can keep a tight hold on his heart remains to be seen. However, he can be a bit of a pushover, and is perfect husband material, and he'd prefer his lover to take the lead. He is romantic and considerate but may suffer from Premature Ejaculation!

The only thing that separates Libra men and women is what's between their legs! Libra girl wants a strong man who understands that she needs her individuality and freedom. She is turned off by burping, farting, and bad breath. Good personal hygiene is crucial if you want to get to 2nd base. Librans are very good at lying to get their own way. When your Libra girl groans in bed, look into her eyes to make sure she's not 'faking it'.

Libra's Love Zone is their lower back and butt, so please, squeeze and pat your Libra's butt whenever you get a chance. When you're kissing, reach under his or her top and stroke the lower part of their back, starting in the middle and working your way down to their butt. Take your time and be gentle! To really drive your Libra wild? Have you ever heard of the term 'Rimming'??? Does it surprise you that a high percentage of Libras are gay?

NE-YO,omarion,young joc,young jeezy,whitney houston (when she could actually sing),teena marie,rick james,beyonce,latoya luckett,jay-z,and one chance
harold and kumar go to white castle,diary of a mad black woman,bad boys 1 and 2,and the gift.

jesus christ just because if it were not for him i would not have been lucky enough to go through all the trials and tribulations that have made me the strong black woman that i am today so he is my first idol and my son is the second idol because he is the one that i live for he is what keeps my motivated to go on in this world.

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