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Darkness is only another expression of light. Without one, we could not have the other. Just as darkness and light exsist together, so do evil and goodness. If we refuse to acknowledge the darkness, how can we honor the light? So how can we ignore what is a natural part of life, a part of our own existence? There are seeds of evil inside us, just as there is seeds of divinity. We have to accept both. What we call good or bad, beautiful or ugly, is merely a judgment. The moment we judge, we separate ourselves from a part of life and lose sight of the unity of all things. When we refuse to judge, our minds and hearts remain open to an infinite realm of possibilities. We live in a world of opposites, a world of contrast between many forces. There will always be light and darkness, good and evil, pain and pleasure, chaos and order. Only when we accept the world as it is and embrace the rich diversity of experience will we know true happiness and freedom. Taken from the book 'Child of the Dawn' by Gautama Chopra
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