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42 Year Old · Female · From Tucson, AZ · Invited by: Melly · Joined on February 2, 2006 · Born on October 13th · 3 referrals joined!
42 Year Old · Female · From Tucson, AZ · Invited by: Melly · Joined on February 2, 2006 · Born on October 13th · 3 referrals joined!

Let's see I am 25yrs old, about 5'5" and plump, but I can still kick just about anyones ass :). I work in a dead end job that I hope to quit soon if anyone will hire me, and I now have a spiffy new digital camera to play with, tahnks mom :) that's about it if you want to know anything else just ask.


Why do you kill? Girls only. (Kool Pictures And Detailed Results)

You Kill As A Result Of Rage
It doesn't show on the outside but you have a Inner Rage like no other. You kill fast and violently, tearing threw your victim and leaving them as if an animal attacked them. You had your serect because you try so hard to like everyone wants to see you, but it's difficult and you constantly feel self-doubt.
Personality: Mysterious, Moody, Lost, Doubting
Weapon:Knife, or some sharp object.
Expression/Action: Looknig Away Coldly, or Gritted Teeth
Most Common Feeling: Anger

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You are an Angel! While not as actively rampaging

the countryside as their demonic cousins, a

fair deal of trouble has been caused at the

hands of the angel race. This is primarily

due to the angel-races tactics: where a demon

would go in themselves and burn a city to the

ground, an angel would manipulate it so that

someone else would do the work for them. It

should be noted that the "angel"

term is primarily aesthetic. With feathered

wings and light-based magic, the angel race

is a master of convincing other races of

their good intentions. However deep beneath

the lovely exterier often lies the mind that

can rival even the most devious of the


The angel race's entire mantra seems to focus on

power. Some will choose the path of knowledge

and can often be seen as the protectors of

large libraries, where others may become a

guardian of a village where the villagers

offer them tribune for their service. There

have been many cases of kindly angels but

usually temptations are too strong a force

and most angels cannot resist an offer of an

item of great power or a scheme involving a

gain of some sort.

There are no known cities belonging to the

angel-race and by nature the entire race

seems to be highly solitary unless a certain

cause brings them together. Angels of a

feather seem to not flock together as they

are highly competitive and constantly try to

get the upper hand of the other, causing

massive fights.

History: The angel race first appeared around the

same time as the demon race, and it is almost

rumoured that they were caused from a similar

event and are merely the two magical

representations of light and darkness. When

the first council was created, it was an

angel-race who was behind most of the

diplomacy and acting between races that would

often be at edge with eachother. Most

well-known historic figures in the angel race

had something to do with diplomatic means

despite the many tragic events that have

unfolded at the hands of a craftier angel.

Some speculate this is due to future

generations of angels removing the evidence

of the previous incidents from general

history in order to further gain their own


Strengths: Angels are generally much faster in both

reflexes and thinking than many other races.

Many are also capable of making their skin

razor sharp and hard. With the aid of

light-magic, many of them are the master of

some highly powerful spells.

Weaknesses: As mentioned, most Angels cannot resist

the lure of power and will often offer aid in

exchange for items of power. The angel race

is often harder to find weak-points as they

tend to work in the background of their

schemes and simply disappear when things go


What Mystical Race are You? (unexpected results, with pictures! :D)
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Courageous Type
Courageous type: Your anime personality is the

Courageous Type. You don't crumble under

pressure, and gain respect easily. You have

morals, and apply them when needed. You have

great inner strength, and never back down

from a crisis. You often speak of what's on

your mind freely, which sometimes creates

enemies. More often than not, you act before

you think, but you learn quickly. You hate

losing, and are a great example to us all.

Element: Fire

Weapon: Long sword

Pet Peeve: Losing



(Personality) What anime psyche conveys YOUR personality? (With Awesome Anime Pix)
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What's your inner power? (Girls only sorry. Beautiful anime pictures, lengthy results)

Empathy- Your inner power is Empathy! This means that you have a talent for identifying others emotions, often by simply glancing at them. You are EXTREMELY shy and quiet. People sometimes dont notice youre around and seem surprised to find out you even exist in a big class. Youre the often silent, goody two shoes, and few get passed the walls youve built up to stop yourself being hurt, as you no doubt have been in the past. Not everyone understands you, in fact some think that youre a snob or worse because you rarely participate in group activities. Youre extremely sensitive, even the least harsh of words can hurt you. Only your very few, closest friends who have earned your hard-to-get trust know who you really are inside; a sweet, gentle young woman who is lonely and so desperately needing friends to support you. You can get very depressed and not always know why, despite your power of empathy, as it seems to only work for people outside you. Your friends always turn to you when they need advice or comforting, and in some way you need to give that helpit makes you feel better in return to know that youve helped out your friends. Despite your cold, impassive exterior and high, seemingly unbreachable walls, inside you are really a great, intelligent person, full of compassion and love, if only people would dare take a chance and try to get through your tough shell. Never let others get you down, or change you. You are very special the way you areeven if you dont have fifty thousand friends, you are just as, if not more extraordinary than everyone else. Reach for the stars, because I dont doubt youll catch hold of them. Boy/Girl who will sweep you off your feet: A sweet, shy and romantic man/woman. The kind of guy/woman you know will never, ever hurt you, and will love you for ever. The kind of person who believes in true love, and soul mates. Your stone: Blue Topaz Your power: Healing. Emotionally, physically, or spiritually, you heal people with your words, your actions and presence. Youre the one that the little children are always drawn to, because they know youll never let anything hurt them. Your element: Clairvoyance (The power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the normal five senses.) A quote that applies to you: "True beauty shines from the soul and warms the world with its kindness, compassion , and integrity."
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42 Year Old · Female · From Tucson, AZ · Invited by: Melly · Joined on February 2, 2006 · Born on October 13th · 3 referrals joined!
Let's see, I read, I play DnD, I write poetry and that's all I can think of, my aren't I boring :)

In fact here is one of my poems, if liked I will either put more up or change it to another one you decide.

Waves crash against the shore
A lone figure stands in the breaking waves
Looking towards the shore expectantly
I stop and look toward the dark figure
I begin to walk to him
A noise from behind makes me turn
I turn back to face only the waves crashing against the shore


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I like all sorts of movies I have to many favorites to try and name them here.
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