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Willow's blog: "Living Alter"

created on 10/19/2006  |  http://fubar.com/living-alter/b15549
Amid the darkness sprinlked with crystal beings a crystal child was born. She gleamed of pink and lavender light. As she grew she gloryed in the freshness if Spring flowers of mixed fragrance and hues, and in the warmth of Summer she ran and laught and grew. She danced in Autums winds amid the swerlling colors of rust and orange and brown. She delighted in the Winters art, the patterns of fronst and flake, the music of Ice singing from branches bare. Seasons passed and this Crystal child grew to shimmer a vibrant red and orange she was filled with the fire of young adulthood searching eager with the need to learn. Spring was her play ground, Summer her beau, ahh and winter a time that pulled at her energy for movement, but time had it's way of mellowing of satisfing her longing. This Crystal child became a Crystal woman of blue and white with silver light. She gleamed a guiding light. Were ever her light did reach she touched a life with gentel merth and gave as she could the light of love and hope. But what she did not see or or others precieve a small gray speck in her crystaline form. The more she shared, the more she loved this speck grew. And as it grew small cracks begane to grow. She felt these splinters but did not faulter, her job had just began. She continued though her light bagan to fade, and the grayness spread. Alas her simmering started to twinkle, her light now dimed before it's time but still she continued on, her gift of love and hope she gave as freely as before, untill her light gently faded out, she was gone to shimmer no more, dimed before her time. But her gift of love and hope still live in each Crystal being she touched and this legacy they share of the Crystal One dimed before her time.
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