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wimsey's blog: "News of Me"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/news-of-me/b1518
You've probably noticed by now that I am in the process of posting new NSFW photos from a photo shoot I did a few weeks ago. A couple things about those new photos. First, just because I have photos that some people would judge as sexy, doesn't mean I want to talk about sex with you or have sex with you. Don't bore me or piss me off. Treat me with the respect I deserve. I present a well-rounded picture of myself here, and if all you choose to notice is my sexuality, you will end up booted off my friends list. Second, I choose what I will, and will not, show. I prefer my photos to be in a more old-fashioned pinup style. I like to maintain some class and mystery -- show enough to entice while remaining relatively chaste. If you prefer porn or full-body nudes, the internet is at your disposal. Nagging at me to provide more than I'm comfortable with will only piss me off. Which brings me to the photos available only to family. Do not assume that because you are cute, we've talked a few times, or you've put me on your family list, you *deserve* to be in my family. You don't. If you want to understand how you land in my family, read this. Nagging, begging, guilt-tripping, or abusing me to get in my family will only get you bumped off my friends list entirely. You get into my family when I feel like putting you there. Period. Please note that if you don't understand these concepts, and too many of you fail to treat me with the respect I deserve, I am prone to taking down my photos out of disgust for your immaturity and lack of respect. I like to model, and I enjoy the creativity that comes with my photo shoots. I prefer to share the results. But I deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Seriously, don't ruin it for everyone else by being a jerk. Got it? Make sense? Oh, and no, I'm not sleeping with my photographer. He's a platonic friend, and a happy married newlywed. Such photos work a lot better if the photographer is just that -- a photographer.
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