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BRITBABY's blog: "~This & That~"

created on 04/04/2020  |  http://fubar.com/this-that/b371823

People seem to get Christianity all wrong. We hear a lot about the abuse of grace and I guess it’s true but a Christian is only a Christian by grace. Grace is not a free pass to sin but Christians are not exempt from sin. They fall; they fail miserably and often it’s because the focus is works and not Jesus himself. We get it wrong-terribly so. Baby christians are on fire and eager to serve the lord and proclaim their newfound faith.They want to ‘do’ everything they can to show their gratitude. They start doing and then the tests come and their faith is shaken. They stumble for all to see and criticize...but grace. Grace steps in and I guess it’s just so beyond our human comprehension that we just can’t accept it. We can’t accept a God that forgives abd restores. A God that reaches out to outcasts and shows mercy again and again. Remember Peter, one of the disciples that walked with Jesus and followed him denying him and returning to fishing because that’s what he knew. Jesus knew before he even did it and he went to him and lovingly restored him. You know about David, read psalms and hear his brokenness. The difference between a hypocrite and a believer who has fallen and depends on grace is that brokenness. A true believer will be broken over their sin and will seek to be right with the one who saved him. There is a difference.

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