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44 Year Old · Female · Joined on June 16, 2006 · Born on February 16th
44 Year Old · Female · Joined on June 16, 2006 · Born on February 16th
44 Year Old · Female · Joined on June 16, 2006 · Born on February 16th
Well, I love video games. I play mostly RPG's. I am really into World of Warcraft right now, but school has been getting in the way of my play time lately... I love hanging with my friends when I can! I love to meet and hang with people who are lots of FUN! I like to travel when I have the time lol. I'm more of a rock/alternative girl when it comes to music, but I will listen to just about anything that hasn't been played out to the point of just being ANNOYING!! I am learning to be a medical coder currently so that takes up a LOT of my time right now. I LOVE to sing!!!! I have a few clips on here. I do karaoke often, and even won first place female in the last Dusty Rhodes American Dream Karaoke contest 2005!! Oh, and I love a good book. Mostly I read fantasy/sci fi. I am a nut for sci fi movies, too. I like about every kind of movie, but that would have to be my fav. I also dig horror, comedy, action... you name it. Stargate is my FAV movie in the world right now! :D
OK! I kinda played with the theme song to Kingdom Hearts 2 a little bit. It's not a REAL remix but I did some overalapping of the original Japanese version then let it go into the English version. It ended up being just over 7 mins, but sounds gorgeous!! Enjoy!! :D Here is some of my karaoke! This is my version of Faith. :) Here's my girl Addy and I doing Sweet Surrender together. I LOVE this one! Next we have me again with "caught a lite sneeze" To hear more check out myspace HERE!
I don't really have any "idols" as I don't believe in them, but if I had to choose a person I respect it would have to be my father. He is very devoted to his faith and his perseverance and devotion inspire me every day.

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