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wanted to saY thank you to all of you in the *Fu-Bombers* family for letting me join and be a part of your family!, I have had a warm welcome, and I love being a Fu-Bomber!...I hope you All enjoy me as I enjoy you all! Hi there! Yes it's me again, Meranda(ABeautiful Dysaster), asking you for your help! I recently joined the *Fu-Bombers* Family and I am in a contest to win a 7 day blast or a month VIP, I need 12,000 comments to get this prize!...Anyone who helps (signifigantly, not just a couple) will get my elevens for one day!...Just shoot me a message stating that you helped and we will schedule a day where my elevens can help YOU out!...I added a pic link to TEE, an awesome friend and Fu-Bomber family manager, so you can add him, and I added a pic link for the *Fu-Bombers* family page in case you would like to check us out or maybe even join!!!...thank you all!!!!!.....................RECAP OF MY BULLETIN FOLLOWS. Me...*A Beautiful Dysaster" TEE ~Tee~*FU-Bombers Family Manager* ++Fu Master to Goddess Traci ++

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