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46 Year Old · Male · From Mulga, AL · Joined on February 22, 2006 · Born on July 30th
46 Year Old · Male · From Mulga, AL · Joined on February 22, 2006 · Born on July 30th

I am scottish, dutch,6'1,drug free,surrealistic artist,
i like doing computer animation, im a sous'chef by trade
i love to cook,im into massage therapy,play in punk blues
band,currently working on a record, love going out
and to movies,very down to earth..currently single,
and enjoy conversation,meeting new people.

46 Year Old · Male · From Mulga, AL · Joined on February 22, 2006 · Born on July 30th
I do alot of different things like silkscreening,
playing guitar for my punk band i love to cook
italian and greek mostly, my parents are hippies
im scottish, dutch, daddy to a 4 year old lil'boy
who is super cool, and im single as of late,
i sell records and art, have tattoos and piercings,
and am very outgoing, i love outdoors and bikeing,
watching alot of cult movies,writeing poetry
and just being alive..187962506_m.jpg
der bleutharsch,current 93, death in june, coil, bauhaus, swans, neurosis, deutsch nepal, poesie noir, dead can dance, the birthday party, feotus, aphex twin, his name is alive, legendary pink dot's, atari teenage riot, in the nursery, psychic t.v.,cruxshadows, ministry,pigface,anon, thrill kill kult, lush, pixies, tones on tail, jesus and mary chain, the faint, skinny puppy, ride, my bloody valentine,jack off jill, nina simone, iggy pop, julee cruise,mortiis, alkaline trio,black rebel motorcycle club,genitorturers,subhumans, throbbing gristle,clock dva, click click, teargarden, joy division, switchblade symphony,bikini kill, camper van beethoven, aus rotten, foreskin 500,clash, mischeif brew,crass, sun city girl's, butthole surfers, bloody undies, damned, operation ivy, big black, jesus lizard, a.f.i.,gogo bordello,jawbreaker, blatz, fugazi, shins, exploited, devil is electric, assuck, huggey bear, adult, dinosaur jr.,varukers cocksparrer, flux of pink indians, load,conflict, crash worship, pussy galore, noothgrush,mugwart,dead kennedy's,amebix, melt banana, oi polloi, bad brains,melvins,quincy punx, reagan youth, antiseen,leftover crack,mdc, no means no, alice donut, raincoats, p.i.l.,propaghandi,alien in the land of our birth,crimpshrine, negativeland,ebnn,trail of dead,brian jonestown,dead meadow, lars an bastards,distillers,boards of canada,siouxsie, mighty sphinctor, cindytalk,alien sex fiend, thee headcoats, rancid vat,specials,grabass charlestons, against me! the soviettes,cherubs,painteens,slits,sonics, rudimentary peni,mc chris,dj spooky,speedy,shadow,z-trip,tony danza extravaganza,dan sartain,homo's,this day will burn,promise the ghost, cramps,linear high,wake up on fire,spaceman 3,luxurious bags,team dresch,vomit spots,bumblebeez81,youth brigade,mastodon,warhorse, celtic frost,seven seconds,t.s.o.l.tesco vee,west coast pop art, wire,stiff little finger's,u.k. subs,misfits,econochrist, christ on parade, d.o.a, ethyl meatplow, doo rag, electric wizard,s.n.f.u.,catpower,damned,45 grave,poison idea,
lustmorgue,sleepchamber,howling wolf,the skygreen leopards, black mountain, go go airheart, the decemberists,
sufjan stevens, the kills, iron and wine, mt. zion memorial orchestra,
black rebel motorcycle club, devendra banhart, high dials, dead meadow,
boards of canada, trail of dead, constantines, the eagles of death metal,
n.lannon, castanets, dangermouse, primal scream, spaceman 3, stares,
gris gris, stone harbour, sun city girls, sebadoh, enon, ariels pink haunted
graffiti, isolee, sleep, t-rex, stooges, velvet underground, the legendary
shackshakers, marah, a fiery furnaces, sparklehorse, brian jonestown,
my solid ground, lava, amon duull, 13th floor elevators, aphex twin,
coil, the faint, unicorns,oasis, antony and the johnsons, earth, pil,the kills, this could go on for along time...
45116643_l.gif pi,twin peaks,blue velvet,jarhead,
nadja,repo man,domino,gardenstate,stigmata,crow,
man bites dog,wizards, the hills have eyes,hellraiser,
easyrider,dig,wakeing life,dumbland,city of lost children,
etc. aaaaaaaaawsoms.gif
I don't have any...sorry.187949964_m.jpg

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  • Someone ⇒ Aaron
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    16 years ago · Reply
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