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35 Year Old · Female · From Lakewood, WA · Joined on April 28, 2006 · Born on February 1st
35 Year Old · Female · From Lakewood, WA · Joined on April 28, 2006 · Born on February 1st

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35 Year Old · Female · From Lakewood, WA · Joined on April 28, 2006 · Born on February 1st
swimming basketball listening to music poetry drawing enjoying life hangin out w/ jon & sevanna tattoos piercings girls guys porn drinking reading smelly things taking pictures painting shopping video games Books I read Ol' comic mag. Shakespear Poetry Mystery novels Scary stories Stephen kings Goosebumps Romance novels Harry potter White fang
boy george Greenday church of hate Slipknot MaRiLyN mAnSoN Rob Zombie Cradle of the fifth Papa roach Alice In Chains Crossfade Disturbed System of the Down KorN Evanescence LiNKiN ParK switchfoot Led Zeppelin A Perfect Circle Guns N'Roses Led Zeppelin Ozzy Staind sugarcult system of the down twisted method the used some r&b some rap mostly im the type that likes a little bit of everything
mostly horror comedy action A night at the roxbury Amercan history x An army of darkness Ant bully Airheads Ace Ventura movies[[all]] Better off dead The breakfast club The butterfly effect The benchwarmers Black sheep Big daddy Bruce almighty Chasing Amy The cell Can't hardly wait Coneheads Cruel intentions[[all]] Clerks Dude, where's my car Death to Smoochie Dodgeball Dogma Drop Dead Fred Freddie got fingered Freddy vs jason Fight club Final Destination [[all]] Final fantasy[[all]] From dusk 'til dawn [[all]] Get rich or die trying Gremlins[[all]] Hannibal lector[[all]] The hills have eyes The hot chick Harry Potter[[all]] Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle Half baked Hell raiser[[all]] Home alone[[all]] Incino man Inside man Jason[[all]] Just friends Labyrinth The lion king[[all]] Little Nemo Liar liar Michael myers[[all]] Monster house Mr. Deeds Meet the parents The Matrix[[all]] Napoleon Dynamite The Notebook Old School Orange County Pink panther Ready to rumble Road trip Rv Saving silverman Shaggy dog See spot run Serenity School of rock Sin City Son-in-law Scary movie 1,2,3 Saw[[all]] Silent hill Superstar Secret window Stand by me Taxi You me and dupree The 40 year old virgin 15 blocks Television Scifi Charmed Inuyusha Cowboy bebop Smallville Futurama Robot chicken Mad tv Mtv The closer csi scifi american idol survivor dog bounty hunter
I have no ideal at this moment! My heros [[SEVANNA]] [[JON]]
Video Games
I love to play all kinds of video games because I have a 10 year old brother into all of that.

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