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Ive gotten a few hits here and there of people asking for some kind of image but leaving it up to me to decide what and how. so ill leave it up to you. all i need is a few ideas on the final product.. a theme. some images (i get tired of browsing through around 4,000 images for 4 or 5 that i might use). but this is open to whoever.. i need to start getting back into it but i kinda lack direction at this point. so browse my folders (photoshop and 3d modeling) *personal stuff* (Special order)*ones ive done for others allready* leave me a comment here if your interested. i do everything from buttons to backgrounds so nothing is rly out of the question. but if your looking for something unconventional that hasnt been over done as far as lounge images go i can see what i can drag up and well work on it. thanks for reading.. :P Special order My album of random crap
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