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Midnight Mistress's blog: "Birthday"

created on 05/27/2008  |  http://fubar.com/birthday/b219000
well i must say i had the best birthday ever!!!! I went to a friends and hung out, then saturday went to the pool with some friends and we got drunk and had a cool time. tried to watch the movie rambo didnt sucseed theirst time then feel sleep the second finally sunday watched it and it was pretty gutsy. well thats pretty much it dont want to go into detail but i also got a new camera from my mother.. peace out
Im turning 34 this year not sure if im excited about that or not. Just getting older, the kids are getting older and it makes me old. Not sure what I want to do for my birthday I might go out but I dont know what Ill be doing, maybe someone will take me out to eat. Mom said she was going tomarrow to get my gift. I have no idea what shes getting me, well birthdays are just another day anyway to remind us that life is going by fast so live it up and do what you want to do now before its to late. good thing this week is almost over have to go get my drivers license friday also. already got the car tags they wil be here in a couple weeks im getting a jimmie johnson tag i cant wait..
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