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Lord Wolf Owner of Stormwomen40 & ஐtrue_blue_joeyஐ,Owned By SexyGranny67

@ fubar *Lord Wolf 's W.W.S..Stealth Bomber's.

@ fubar Deanna my Love,u move to slow for the internet.u procrastinate to long.I do love u babe.U been great to me,so many ways.6 months ago u should have had me come,before my health deteriated,every day is a miracle i still breath.i perhaps won't find a love like the love i have had with u.if robert,tina,had minded there own business we would have been together.actually i won't have time to love again.i will go to my grave in turmoil because of my love for u. but this weekend i stayed 2 days in a motel,with a gal from yrbk.her sex was nothing special,or perhaps it was me.i took it,many times,she treated me special,she is also native american descent.she is not pretty but is nice.a free spirit as i.i had to tell u because i'm a truthfull honest person.if my life wasn't being cut short things would have been different.i realize i gave u strength to overcome your cancer.u must continue your treatment be strong.it flipped me out when i saw another for fu engaged on your heading.perhaps that helped my decision,perhaps it did not,u be good my child i will see u soon on the other side.much love always jeff xoxoxo and he still wants me to send him a god damn ticket for him to be with me.....Do I look fucken stupit? He even had the balls to tell me he was wearing my poppie's cross while he was doing this girl ( the ultamit slap ) I hope it strangels his ass I found some one new who treats me great and this loser can kiss my ass...
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