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It Was Not Easy Being Incognito During The Holidays This Was The Hardest Of All The Years ... From My Middle Son Gone For 17 yrs & My Oldest & Youngest Doing What They Love Protecting Us 24/7 With The Rest Of Our Military .... Done Alot Of Crying & Being Alone Was The Hardest You All Best Treasure What You All Have Might Lose The Chance In a Blink Of a Eye Trust Me Been Their And So Have Done It ... I Might Come Off As a Hard Ass Yes I'm But I Have a Heart Of Gold I Have Compassion Have To Especially In Nursing Of 45 Yrs .... I Can Be a Good Friend Or Be Your Enemy ... One Thing I Will Never Be Is Fake Or a Wanna Be Trust Me ... I'll Be Here 6 yrs Jan 16th Damn Thats Long , Met So Many Amazing Friends I Can Call Sisters & Brothers ... Missed You All Good To Be Back """"" My Blast Is For My Friends & Family """"" Here It Goes If You Missed It ... Lots Of Love To My Family & Friends While I Was Incognito Over The Holidays But I'm Me Won't Sugar Coat Nothing So Love Me Or Hate Me 6 yrs Coming Jan 16th Love Ya's Brew One & Only Brew Thank You For Loving Me For Me 

Sick" I Wear Red On Friday's Until All Our Troop's Are Home ...&&
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