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SinisterMinister's blog: "auction"

created on 05/10/2008  |  http://fubar.com/auction/b214633

Ok here goes nothin, I officially entered my second auction so come place your bids. And while you're there please rate the picture.
Click the picture to bid:

Here's what I am Offering... Rate All Pics 11's During HH Thru The Month Rate All Stash During HH Thru The Month Daily Profile Comments Shitfaced Daily For One Month Random Gifts Thru The Month 1 SFW Salute Fu-Owned In Name For 1 Month Added To Family For Cash Bids All Of The Above & 1 Bling A Week For 1 Month Added To Yahoo Messenger 1 SFW Personal Phone Call More May Be Added Depending On Bid......
Here's the auction link...go on...bid already!
And while you are there, show her some luv.
~♥~Thcknluvit~♥~Fu Owned By Passionman71

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This bulletin brought to you by me...for her! × §ÎNÎS†ER ×¯× MîÑîS†ER × aka Dead Lee

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