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590310's blog: "Auction Time"

created on 05/05/2008  |  http://fubar.com/auction-time/b213105

A Christmas Miracle ??? IDK 'bout Xmas, But you DO have till the end of the year! I'm throwin' myself back on the Auction Block. Come get Tapped for the last time this year!! Check out that offer .... Rawr! F.A.R the Incredibly Luscious and Scintillating Hostess: ஐღA Simple GirlƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷNamed Jenღஐ

Almost fergot: There's ALSO a Mr and Miss Winter Contest too ... Most votes wins ... something ??? .... Just put 'I vote for Tappinit' in a comment on my Auction Pic. THANKS!!

Show BlondePrincess and Jane N Doe both lots of love....They both Rock!!!

I Want To Personally Thank Everyone Who Helped Me Level Last Night! I started on the Fu in January of 07.... This Lovely Lady invited me .... You can blame her for all the Animations: Thru_a_diff_i

@ fubar I didn't do much January thru November of that year. I actually started Fu-ing during Christmas Vacation. I learned a LOT and met many great people. A few who come to mind: Frozen Mystical Dreamzzzz


@ fubar Twisted Whispers ~Fu-Owned by DJ KPNTREL~

@ fubar Vitamin de~get your daily dose *DSC* I.B.I.C. }!{ Redneck Family Circle

@ fubar ~Phoenix~

@ fubar ~~~CaliGirl*33~~~MOD @ STUDIO 54~~~

@ fubar JoAnna"- Proud Member of the {{{Shadow Levelers}}}" & "Club Far"

@ fubar Rhonda aka Strawberrykysses


@ fubar OneSexyAssBiotch

@ fubar ♥~ K├ąth ~ ♥

@ fubar And, of course, : ~PebblesinAZ~xoxo

@ fubar She taught me to Fu, to Love again, and to not take this site too dam seriously !!!!! We've had our ups and downs, but I never want to lose her friendship. XOXO Movin' on ...... I've met a thousand more people here .... some have deleted ... some are now playin' the drama game .... Hey, that's Fu! I could -attempt- to link them all here .... I'd be at this for another 12 hrs. ....... I can pimp someone -well- in 5 minutes ...... You'd think I could write a simple Thank You for all the help !!! To make a LONG story longer ... last week I noticed I was getting close to GodFather. Bear in mind that GF is the level I've been aiming for. I'm sure other levels will come in time ... Would LOVE to make Oracle so I can change at least ONE of the ridiculous gifts the PTB insist upon! This Lady, Just Jilly ~~~~ Owned by the one and only Tappinit~~~~

@ fubar ,one of my Fu-Sponsored started hitting me REALLY hard. She nailed me with Jackpot Elmos, rated ALL my shyte ... AGAIN ... etc. I saw the numbers start to drop. (BTW, i think she's in an auction or two.... GRAB HER !! She's good as GOLD and a True Fu!! Check her blogs.) Last night .. all Hell broke loose. I posted my 186k to go in my status .... I started getting hits here and there. People droppin' in, wishing me luck. Then Sin ^sin^♥ Fu owned by Jsharp_09camaro♥

@ fubar dropped in .... She was hittin' my pics .. dropping 11's till they gave out, started on the 10's ....We were shouting back and forth, the usual ..... Then she disappeared ..... for 10 mins .... She came back with a link to a KickAss bully pimpin' my arse! I felt like a rookie hooker during Fleet Week! Thcknluvit ~♡~Thcknluvit~♡~Sarge's Bad Girls~♡~Fu Owned By~Bigfkndaddy~

@ fubar was first to respond, i think ... it got kinda crazy there. And then ....... Mikey Mikey

@ fubar thought he'd stop by ! OMG. In Mikey's typical, understated fashion, he opens up with a Jet bomb and it doesn't stop from there ... Sins bully is bringing ALL the Fu's to the yard. My shoutbox and BarTab start SCROLLING. I could not read either before it was off the page! Had to turn off sound... Didn't want to wake the kids! I screenshot most of it .... I know who you all are who helped and I will be wading thru the 14 pages of screenshots to hit each and every one of you. To sum up .... Thank You Everyone. I felt the Love, enjoyed the thrill, and have achieved my goal. I could NOT have done it without you. I am honored, humbled, and deeply touched. Thank You.

I'm up for Lease ..... Check out this awesome offer .... Click the Offer to place your bid ! Brought to ya by ... ummm .... ME XOXO : Tappinit ~ Bail Bondsman to trouble is back!!

@ fubar You Can Leave Your Hat On - Joe Cocker

Photobucket Tappinit is on the Auction Block! Tappinit

@ fubar Just look at these benefits... Photobucket Bid 2 own Tappinit and get your Fu Bennies and Custom Animations made for you! Maybe a little something like this... or from me to you... Just click this link and come leave your bid: Be sure to show the Auction Hostess lots of Fu Love as well: ~PebblesinAZ~Owned by DJ KIDD ROCK

@ fubar
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