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1409800's blog: "My Writings"

created on 03/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-writings/b199951  |  4 followers


Sitting in my room

Next to my bed

All these thoughts runnin through my head

Pretty colours

Funny dreams

Oh what the hell are in those beans

Floating yet grounded

I can see through the bars

No stars. Only blue sky

I miss my normalcy

Taking pills every day to keep my demons at bay

Hammering these thoughts and feelings away

Wearing a straight jacket is bliss

Holding Me tight with it's barbaric tightness

Giving Me the most tender kiss

Having Me live to the extreme of my own existance

Doctors coming and going

about their daily chores 

Putting Me under a Microscope

Having my life disected to obliteration

Picking apart who, how and what I am

Giving my whole life a whole new meaning

Am I sane. Or am I living a dream 

It would seem that I feel nothing

Am nothing.

But I Feel, See, Touch, Smell and hear

My room feels sooooo cold and bare

Stone and Steel against my skin

The air is stale. Medicated and harsh on my nose

I miss the smell of a sweet rose

My temple is ALIVE

My body is mine and it will stay that way

Scars, Wounds internal and external. 

They are part of Me 

Take Me as I am and not what You want Me to be 

Thanks for Reading


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