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Da PERKinator's blog: "Alone To Be"

created on 04/02/2008  |  http://fubar.com/alone-to-be/b203759
Broke from the tare I will never run, I will lay here until I see the sun. I will let nothing get in my way, no brick walls will stop this me on this day. I will fight the current and wind while you desperately repent your selfish sins. I will walk with my back to the sun ready to embrace what may come. All just to show I'm a man of stone, I truly walk alone. With no place to go nor a place to hide my happiness starts to subside. With this river of emotions that wets my face, I walk with my head pointed to my waist. When all of this adds up I travel like a homeless pup. Wet , cold, hungry, and beat I will live off of scraps of meat. left for me like I was weak and poor, as everyone slowly shuts the door. With no foam in mouth nor red in eye I can't help but wonder why... slowy i become a one man army, waiting for you to try and harm me. show me pain you think you know and I will show you a place for it to go. You know nothing of a broken life, cause you wait for morning every night.
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13 years ago
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