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44 Year Old · Female · Invited by: Devilwolf84 · Joined on August 4, 2006 · Born on July 28th
44 Year Old · Female · Invited by: Devilwolf84 · Joined on August 4, 2006 · Born on July 28th

I love to spend time with my number one man in my life.... my 7 year old son Joshua David, party with my friends and watch movies, listen to music, help my family and friends out with any problems they might have..... thats why i want to be a counsellor..... cuz im damn good at it! i love to go to car races which i did alot of when i was younger but cuz i work so much i dont have time! I'm a very emational loving person but if u hurt any of my family or friends then my claws come out and it aint pretty! i have a very hard time in trusting people cuz i always get hurt or burned...but i fall in love quickly with my friends cuz im such a caring loving person! u fuck me over and thats fucking it no chances unless it was stupid then i'll give u another chance....maybe! i hate people that fucking beat around the bush with their feelings and eomotions! if u have something to say no matter if its good or bad just fucking tell me! im quite understanding and i take all my friends problems to heart and im there for them no matter what...even the ones that decide to push me away cuz there scared...i still keep pushing no matter how much they hurt me in the process! u have any problems whatsoever plz send me a message and i will give u the bset help and advice that i know how!

44 Year Old · Female · Invited by: Devilwolf84 · Joined on August 4, 2006 · Born on July 28th
Reading Horror and Romance novels and sometimes Mystery depending! 4x4ing, Singing, long baths, long walks anywhere quiet but around the ocean... Listening to music that sometimes makes me cry or maybe get mad with emotions! I like watching stock car racing, I love swimming, watching my ultimate favorite movies....Horror! ummmm there's much more so ask me! oh yea i love playing pool and teasing guys doing it! ;)
Anything goes..... but im a very emotional person so i love my music with meaning to the words! metallica, def leopard, led zepplin, korn, kim mitchell, the game, eminem, van halen, cypress hill, nickleback, 3 days grace, limp bizkit, madonna, bif naked, ludacris, ice cube, bone thugs and harmony, west side connection, rage against the machine, kelly clarkson, mandy moore, aliyah, ciara, all american rejects, prodigy, guns n'roses, billy talent, police, survivor, the cars, cold play, creed, dead celebrity status, edwin, evanescence, everclear, the fray, good charlotte, hoobastank, ja rule, jay z, the killers, linking park, maroon five, rammstein....a fuck of alot more i lsten 2 thats just some, i love all music!

american history x,blade trilogy, star wars trilogy, queen of the damned, american history x,the craft, blue crush, all vampire movies, euro trip, wicker park, fast and the furious and 2 fast and the furious, creepers jeepers trilogy, phantom of the opera, wrong turn, raise ur voice, 40 year old virgin, and theres so many more cuz im a movie buff!
my almost 7 year old son, joshua david the lite of my life! and my family and friends...i love them all and would die for anyone of them!

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