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Well aside from my vollie fire dept I do also have two jobs (one at a retail store and another working receptionist for a vet clinic). The vet clinic wants to give me more hrs so I may not be able to get online every day or for as long as I would like. Just giving you guys the heads up in case you are wondering where the hell I am or why I don't stay logged on for long....Anyway gotta get ready for work now...later all! :)

A-Z With a Twist


Take this alcoholic survey

A- Are you 21 or older? Yep
B- Beer of choice? I prefer a flavored beer..like any flavors dark Samual Adams
C- Do you like Champagne? It's ok..but I'm a beer/hard alcohol person
D- Do you Drive Drunk? Hells NO!
E- Ever do a flaming shot? Yep.:)
F- Do you own a flask? I drink Jack..take a guess! LOL :)
G- Got caught drinking underage? Nope
H- Ever get a Hangover? One wicked head ache
I- Is 21 too young for a drinking age? YES!
J- Jager Bombs are: Ok
K- Ever kiss someone while drunk? Yep..but they where my boyfriend..no strangers
L- Last alcoholic beverage? Jack adn Coke baby.:)
M- Ever drink with your Mom? Yep
N- Drinking advise...Never: Drive drunk or drink yourself stupid
O- Open beer bottles on your own? Yep
P- Ever puke after drinking? Once b/c I was stupid
Q- Is AA for Quitters? No AA is for people how have a problem. For those that can't just have one drink.
R- Know someone who when to Rehab? Yep
S- What is your favorite shot? Buttery Nipple
T- Take anything to get you drunk quicker? EWWWW NO!
U- Did you drink underage? Yep..I grew up in a Sicilian family..always wine at the table
V- What is your vodka of choice? Absolute of course!
W- Red or White Wine? White
X- Do you drunk dial your X? EWWWWW NO! Over my dead body!
Y- Year you turned 21? 1998
Z- Does drinking make you a Zombie? No b/c I don;t let myself get to that point.


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