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 Had to run to the store. Anyway only the ones that ask will be added. I want to ask Sonny and Sweetz to help me one more time. I owe you my life to them and all my friends that prayed for me before. The demon has no power over me but I get too attacks through the people I love. I have been fighting them every step of the way. That is why it has taken so long. I am so close to achieving all that I have been working on. I just don't need anymore set backs.if all goes as planned. I'm broke and still homeless, I live in a tent by the river. But I will be able to have 6 people work for me. And I will retire and do what I love helping people. I have set up everything on my phone and I am ready to open soon. I can't say a date because something happens and I lose the more people because I can't do anything on q time line. Got to run. I will try to get time to say more later on. Heads killing me.
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