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SHOOT: OPEN FETISH STYLE SHOOT in exclusive private location . For those Photographers and Models looking to expand portfolio with a unique niche look. RSVP only! NO WALK INS We are EXPECTING (with current interest) the following numbers for the event 10 photographers (No walk ins) 4 models DATE: 9th November, 2008 COST: $200 per photographer. (from novice to expert are welcomed) Free for female models *** Genuine Males Models looking for solo photo portfolio updates are welcome to apply *** Pay cash on entry TIME: 10am - 3pm. Complimentary food and refreshments provided. Models and MUA's will be there at 10am Models arriving late (please try not to) will need to have their makeup done before they arrive. LOCATION: Green Point (near Gosford). Must RSVP to receive address and information. PREMISES & EQUIPMENT: The Central Coasts premiere equipped dungeon. This is a great opportunity for novice and/or professional photographers and models to add a new and cutting edge dimension to their portfolios, create unique images, and experiment with alternative art. Unique location, not open to the public on the day. Unique bondage equipment, medical area, 2 crosses, bathroom, hoist, school desk, cage and so much more. Lighting set up will be available. Plenty of ambient light and props provided for the models. Models: Model's get a chance to have fetish style image done with props. Also meet with some new and top photographers from Syd/CC/Newc in a safe environment (not the extra bedroom of the creepy guy across town) Please feel free to bring an escort, although we have security on site. The models are NOT expected or asked to get nude. Although some models have expressed interest in posing nude on the day. The models are NOT going to be ask to do anything their not completely comfortable with. Please keep in mind, this is a fetish style shoot. So if someone has the idea of chains and rope. This is the place to do it. Submissive or Domme roles welcome. Photographers: Come with info for the models. Have a plan ready to go. You will get some one on one time with models. There will be group photographer shoots also Don't hog the models, if/when you do get some one on one time. There is enough space inside and in the outlining areas too get some special shots. It is not mandatory but, a CD of images to the models would be a great incentive to ensure you maximise your time with the models. What is expected however, email some images to the models. Please advise which of the 2 you will be supplying to the models and event co-ordinators, negotiate with the models your ideas and your image TF* Any question please contact me aussiekylie469@hotmail.com Light food and softdrinks will be there also. Sign up now models, mua's and photographers. If you wait till the last minute your spot will be gone. The workshop runs for 5 hours, this does not mean you have to stay the full 5 hours as it is up to you. We have a fulltime photographer at hand to assist and advise anyone looking for help with a particular style/shot. We keep the location private so you know there will be no walk ins or freaks. Unless you bring them So why are you still reading this? Sign up already
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