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Joined on July 7, 2006
Joined on July 7, 2006

Hey Ya'll Im MelissI have brown hair Im Hyper, Strong Hearted, Friendly , Sweet, Shy, Understanding Girl I love making people laugh and to make things betterI hate When People talk crap about people without knowing themIf Your Mean To Me Or My Friends Ill Be Mean BackIm African American, French, and Native AmericanI have brown eyes my nick names are Meliss, Miliss, Mel, Misty whore, babydoll and anything else u wanna call me I was born and raised in north charleston south carolina Im 5'1'' I like boys & have fun with girlsI like parties I like being laid backI like hanging at home sometimesI like watching movies with ppl at home I like going to them too I like being one on one with someoneI like full filling my dreams I like dancingI love/miss gymnasticsI like swimmingI like cheerleadingI like my cell I like musicI like playing spin the bottle I like being badI like being good I like bathsI like showers I like hot tubsI like pools I like having a boyfriend but im single =/ I like watching sportsI like to drink I like to watch Laguna Beach I like trying to make myself a better person I like to go to the beachI like to have fun I like guys who are spontaneousI like guys who know how to treat a girl right I like ice creamI like whipped creamI like going to games (football, baseball, basketball)I like the gymI like working out I like to be love to someone who loves me backI like art I like to danceI like to have a kick ass timeI like to make the best of lifeI like to take all the bad things and make them the least bit betterI like making ppl's days betterI like kissing I like huggingI like cuddling I like summer I like food I like being silly I like being unique I like being down to earthI like to cry on occasionI like to prove people wrong I like some adventureI like trying new things I like dressing up I like taking boys to the mall and dressing them up I like making ppl smileI like helping pplI like living life to the fullestI like taking on any type of challenge I love my friends very very much I can be ur friend ppl dont be shy and drop by and say hey IM A FOOL TO ADORE U I KNOW ...BUT LATELY I NOTICED I STILL DO

Joined on July 7, 2006
sports: cheerleading, swimming, gymnastics like to watch: baseball, some fottball and basketball don't have a fav. football team but i'm a new englander so go patriots! Show me how a real bad boy can be a real good man ;)

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