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35 Year Old · Female · From Bonner Springs, KS · Invited by: 709053 · Joined on March 7, 2007 · Born on October 6th
35 Year Old · Female · From Bonner Springs, KS · Invited by: 709053 · Joined on March 7, 2007 · Born on October 6th

I am just an all around cool person. I love to be around people, I sometimes end up being the center of attention. I never seem to understand how that happens. it's a mystery! I am know as Moma Kisha. I do not date anyone younger or the same age as me! The one thing that makes me so unique is I have an alter-ego her name is Dynasty. She does,says anything that Kisha wouldn't do. She also goes places that Kisha wouldn't go. The greatest thing about her is she is a big... nevermind. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!! Get to Know Me...About You...NicknameKekeSexFemaleEye ColorBrownHair ColorBlack & RedHeight4'11Favorite ColorRedScreen NameKeke06luvlyYour CarAuroraYour HometownBonner Springs, KsYour Present TownBaldwin City, KsYour Crush's First Name?????Your GradeFreshman CollegeYour StyleClassy, chic...Favorites...BandPlain White T'sMovieSpongebob Squarepants MovieTV showSpongebob SquarepantsSong?????ColorRedCigaretteNonePastimeSleep...Have You Ever...Sat on your rooftopYesKissed someone in the rainYesDanced in a public placeYesSmiled for no reasonYesLaughed so hard you criedYesPeed your pants after age 8?????Written a songYesSang to someone for no reasonYesPerformed on a stageYesTalked to someone you don't knowYesMade out in a theaterNoGone roller skating since 8th gradeYesBeen in loveNoA near death experienceYesSang in front of a large audienceYes...Can You...Write with both handsSortaWhistleYesBlow a bubbleYesRoll your tongueYesCross your eyesYesTouch your tongue to your noseNoDanceYesSpeak a different languageNo Impersonate someoneYesCook anythingYes...Are you...FighterNoSmokerNoDrinkerSometimesStalkerNoMan eaterNoMan haterNoLoverYesWar freakNoHeartbreakerNoIn loveNoBossyYESFriendlySorta...More...What is your current mood?SadDoes your crush like you back??????What makes you happy?My FamilyElaborate on your default photoI was goin to a Black and White partyName one thing you do a lotSingName someone with the same b-day as youAunt LucyAre you comfortable with your heightYes...Finish The Line...If I were a ...Tree I would be tall!!I wish ...I were in love.So many people don't know ...what dangers them.I am ...a nice person.My heart is ...missing piecesPet Peeves ...people who touch my things!!Take this survey @ www.hot-lyts.com!free layouts

35 Year Old · Female · From Bonner Springs, KS · Invited by: 709053 · Joined on March 7, 2007 · Born on October 6th
Singing, dancing, Shopping, hanging with friends, talking to MEN, partying hard, boys, men, just having fun!
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