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36 Year Old · From Louisville, AL · Joined on June 25, 2006 · Born on March 25th

hey there my name is april. i really don't know what to say. i've had a lot of past *bad* experiences with "friends" and "boyfriends". so need less to say i hate people who think that they know it all and i hate guys that are jerks. i mean there is a boundary between joking around and being a complete butthole. let's just say never trust your boyfriend around your bestfriend!!!just a word for the wise. highschool was the worst for me, not that i didn't have ne friends cuz they were and still are the best. i just had several people that i would like to call my enemies. that tryed to take my life away from me un countable times. whether they knew it or not. i know that they were just joking around but there is such thing as a limit of having a little fun and making someones life a living HELL!!! and this gurl lived through a living HELL everyday for 6 years of her highschool life. if it weren't for heather, michelle, jessica, kendal, shan, and most of all my bestest friend of all B-rand! i would not have been here today. they talked me out of it everday. and i finally came to the realization that if they have noting better to do than to bother me then let then do it and that i had more important things to worry about in life that to wonder if i was going to be killed by someone else or myself for that. but i'm glad i did go through what i did because it made me a stronger person through the years. and since graduation i haven't talked to a single one of the people that had a problem with me for all of those years. i love my life now i have a good job and many many awesome friends. so thank you brandy, shaana, brian, michelle, kendal, tim, heather, nick, andrea, jessie, jessica g., ashlynn, adam, falon, marty, elizabeth, leisa, ruby, kimberly, donna, phillip, jamie, tiffany, christina, jason, katy, carrie, jeremy, and any one else that i left out for being here for me through the good and the bad i love you all!!!

36 Year Old · From Louisville, AL · Joined on June 25, 2006 · Born on March 25th
i love my job, i love to fish, i love my friends, and love to wish. what more can i say i'm a very giving person. but don't fuck with my friends or my family or you'll be wishing that you hadn't.
music wow! i don't know what to say. i like basically ne kind of music from a to z. i like my rap and rock too, a little country but that will have to do. i like soft rock hard rock and rock-n-roll, a little music soothes my soul. Korn LyricsKorn Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCure.com

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