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Wow 7 Yrs What a Ride WHAT AMAZING RIDE IT'S Been .... Up 's & Down's ... And Hard To Stay Away . I HAVE SUCH AMAZING Friends & Family , That WHen I'm Away Never a Day Goes By Your In My Heart & Thoughts .... I Lost a Yr Somewhere Here I Thought 6 Yrs Damn LMAO Then I Get My Notication This Mornin Congrats 7 Yrs Never Been On a Site This Long ... But Glad I'm Here Glad I Stayed So Many Have Supported Me Been Here For Me God Bless You's Your Angel's ... Lost Some  & Miss Them Their In A Better Place .... Thank You All For Being My Friend Being  My Family I Love You's Brew a MiLitary Mom Of 2 Son's My Sassy Self Crazy Goofy & a Goober Says WHat Is On Her Mind That's Me Love Me For Me Not What You Can Get Out Of Me ....  Hello 7 Yrs On Fubar Like The 7 Year Itch

Sick" I Wear Red On Friday's Until All Our Troop's Are Home ...&&
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7 years ago
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