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46 Year Old · Male · Invited by: 123026 · Joined on February 13, 2007 · Born on March 17th
46 Year Old · Male · Invited by: 123026 · Joined on February 13, 2007 · Born on March 17th

I've always been a dreamer, creative, and I refuse to take life too serious. The only way you can upset me is to say "that’s just the way it is". I don't believe in certainties and absolutes and I believe there's always a way. If you were to tell me “that can’t be done” I’d spend two weeks trying to do it(I crave challenges). If life has taught me anything at all it's that no matter where you are, how tough it seems, things can always get better, you can always do something about it and never have to accept anything that isn't real to you. You have the ability to create your own happiness. Oh yeah, I love philosophy.

My ideal woman is going to have that understanding that no matter what happens I'm there for her, we'll be there together not matter what. When spontaneity gets in a fight with organization spontaneity always wins with sometimes fun and wild results. For example, we wake up one Sunday and decide to drive to Florida to visit the beach for the day and I forget my wallet, my swimsuit, and leave the breakfast on the table. As we jump in a car, it runs out of gas on the way and have to walk to the gas station and find we have no money. I have to sell my favorite watch to pay for gas. That’s never happened but I wouldn’t rule it out ever happening. I'm not the conservative, organized, careful type. If that’s you, I doubt very seriously we'd have much to do together.. I'd rather die in a swimming pool tomorrow butt-naked than to live to be 200 in an ironed Armani suit with 5 million dollars and not ever knowing the thrill of skinny dipping.

I do consider myself a spiritual person. I grant respect to others beliefs as long as their sincere with them and have integrity. I don’t care if you’re Buddhist, Muslim, or what not, that’s your belief and I would never try to alter that or tell you you’re wrong for it. I like others that have strong beliefs of their own(that’s what makes us different) and integrity and standing up for yourself and your right to individuality is something I feel very strongly about. I’m usually very tolerant of others and I consider that a virtue although I can’t stand much for hypocrisy. I believe strongly in manners too(blame it on my southern upbringing I guess). If you walk up to a cashier at a store or a restaurant and are on your cell phone and can’t look the person in the eye or even acknowledge that they are there, I’ll be the one behind you saying “Excuse me, didn’t your parents teach your manners?”(I’ve only had to do it once but it pissed me off). I’m not afraid to correct someone that’s being rude. Just one of my pet peeves I guess.

I do like material things, love fast cars, appreciate great architecture, somewhat geeky towards the latest technology but I'm not the kind of person that can't be happy not keeping up with the Jones’. I love amateur astronomy, digital art, online videogames, Sci-Fi movies, rollerblading, beaches, philosophy, board games, chess, billiards, bowling, miniature golf, snorkeling, and I'm about to go hang gliding this year. I love to slow dance with that special someone but I’m dying to learn something more energetic like swing dancing or the salsa. I've been to college for Visual Arts and I love everything about the arts and my best friends have always been those that are either expressive, artistic, geeky, or a little goofy.

I didn’t realize I would have so much to say. Lastly I crave good conversations over coffee and believe honesty and communication are the most important things to me in a relationship. I look forward to that someone that when I with them the time just floats by without realizing it. The feeling of us not wanting to say goodbye. I can see us sitting on the levy downtown watching the sunset not wanting the day to end. . Just being immersed so much in the moment and letting yourself enjoy the time like nothing else matters.

46 Year Old · Male · Invited by: 123026 · Joined on February 13, 2007 · Born on March 17th
I like to rollerblade, play with my german shepherds, bowl, shoot pool, swim and I love the beach. When I get free time I play xbox 360 but thats rare. I love good conversations over coffee rather than beer. The occasional beer over a game of pool can easily turn into me looking for a designated driver if I'm not careful. I love music, sci-fi, comedy, and enjoy riding my motorcycle. We're all different and I enjoy meeting different people. The only real rule I have in life is "Be able to experience anything". By following that I don't think anything can ever really get too messed up.
The Doors, Pink Floyd, Soul Coughing, Eminem and even some John Anderson.
Sci Fi and Comedy. The Crow, Dazed and Confused, Star Wars, Matrix, Conspiracy Theory, Equilibrium, Last Man Standing, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Time Machine and my favorite is The Island.
Dan Zanger, Thomas Jefferson, and just about anyone that is willing to be true to themselves no matter what the crowd is doing and isn't afraid to speak their mind.

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