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35 Year Old · Female · From Casper, WY · Invited by: 61552 · Joined on February 4, 2007 · Born on May 9th · 6 referrals joined!
35 Year Old · Female · From Casper, WY · Invited by: 61552 · Joined on February 4, 2007 · Born on May 9th · 6 referrals joined!

-To Love and be Loved in return
-serious intellectual discourse
-using big, fancy words in everyday conversations
-quirky romantic movies
-wearing socks on my arms to keep them warm when i wear t-shirts
-making homemade t-shirts, sharpies are way cool
-reading strange and subversive books
-splashing in mud puddles
-throwing snowballs at random people and then hiding

what i do- sing opera and classical music,, play piano(badly), write stupid poetry and short stories, dream vividly, hope with all my heart, relish life, embrace my sanity, cry at movies and even hallmark card commercials, wear my stupid pink 70's glasses which are square and huge, try to find the most hideous pieces of clothing at thrift stores and wear them, pyschoanalyzing movies, playing rugby, anime, silent films,.... and a whole load of other things.

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35 Year Old · Female · From Casper, WY · Invited by: 61552 · Joined on February 4, 2007 · Born on May 9th · 6 referrals joined!
acrylic paint, action movies, activism, air force clothes, allen ginsberg, ani difranco, anti-wto, antique cars, antiques, apple computers, apples, army clothes, art, autobiographies, banned books, beat poetry, beatnik, bikini kill, biographies, black and white film, blues, books, boys, buddha, buddhism, camus, cats, cheese, cherries, chick flicks, classical music, combat boots, comedy, crocheting, debate, deep thought, disinformation, drawing, dreaming, emo, engaging conversation, eyeshadow, fast food nation, feminism, folk, fugazi, girls, glasses, green day, hair dye, history, imac, interlochen, interlochen arts camp, jack kerouac, jackie chan, jazz, laughing, leftist literature, less than jake, little british sports cars, lysistrata, mactintosh, metropolis, monty python, music, musicals, my computer, my room, nail polish, oil paints, opera, pacifist, pain relief, pajamas, pants!, philosophy, photography, pink, plaster, poetry, propagandhi, punk, punk boys, punk girls, reading, reefer madness, riot grrl, rozen maiden, rugby, scotland, sculpture, scuplting, scurvy, shoes, silent movies, sinclair lewis, singing, ska, sleep, sleeping, socialism, socks, starfruit, stupid jokes, swimming, tall boots, the jungle, the ocean, the weakerthans, theatre, theoretical moral relativism, thesaurises, thrift stores, upton sinclair, vintage dresses, war protesting, weird clothes, weird music, wire, writing, yarn.
holy crap, i listen to everything except for rap/hip-hop and country.

i love punk and ska, especially the Celtic punk bands like The Real McKenzies and Dropkick Murphys. also love Against Me!, Jawbreaker, Pennywise, All, Less Than Jake, Rise Against...

also love Coheed and Cambria, Blue October, Bouncing Souls, Motion City Soundtrack, The Decemberists, The Descendants, Built to Spill, Bad Astronaut, Armchair Martian...

i admit, i love J-Pop (suck as Gackt, Miyavi, and Ayumi Hamasaki), Michael Bublé (i want to marry him and have many musical babies), Ozma, Thirsty Merc, Lucky Boys Confusion...

and opera and classical music out the wazoo! i'm in college as a vocal music performance major, i want to be an opera singer when i grow up.

and i freakin' love the Aquabats, the Mad Caddies and ABBA. yes, ABBA; the Swedish Disco/pop band from the 70's.

...musical theatre is also a guilty pleasure...
Video Games
Hmm...just got a GameCube for Xmas, so i've been playing "Baten Kaitos Origins" mostly, i really enjoy RPGs...and i totally suck at FPS's and puzzle games...except for Tetris. Tetris is amazing. just. wow...i love it.

and i really, really liked Final Fantasy X-2 and Castlevania...those were really fun. didn't grow up playing video games like all te other kids i grew up with, so i feel kind of like i'm playing catch up or something^.^

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