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Male · From Carlsbad, NM · Joined on May 16, 2011
Male · From Carlsbad, NM · Joined on May 16, 2011

Well something about me!? I am a mutt!... black white and native indian .I don't care for hard liquor unless its patron, I also like Doss xx. green bottle of course! And kauluwa! With fresh squeezed milk! Ha,ha ha.,
And I'm here to meet new friends and fine! fine! women
Oh by the way got milk?? Because I'm coo coo for coco complexion, are nice tan.
And I prefer women with b and c cup breast. wanna know more hit me up. and if it's too hot! Get out the kitchen because this chef is serving some heat!

Male · From Carlsbad, NM · Joined on May 16, 2011
I still like going out to clubs once or twice a month. spending time with family and friends, like to go out fishing at night lay up under the stars next to a campfire. and drink a cold one and smoke a fat one .
I like hip hop rap old school and soft rock. in a little pink floyd.
The movies I like are the matrix 1,2,and 3.
Aliens number 2. N tombstone. N wanted with angelina joline. and my all time favorite big fish.
Bruce lee.
Video Games
I don't play many video games. but if and when I do, it would be
Left for dead, resident evil, dead space. in a few military. don't care for sports games.
Hell I don't care for sports too much. While those fools are watching the games!
I'm talking to all the women. Now that's a sport that I can get into.
How about you??

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  • Barry Wow just got fired on by a redhead called care bear! on this site. and i did r sad nothing rong! i went to respond but that... i'm not evan going to say it!... what the hell CUNT!!..bock me. should i open up a 2nd profile so i can say what i realy fill abo
    10 years ago · Comment

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