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The poem your about to read is 100% factual.

I was greeting all the ppl
inside the velvet kitty
Laughing and joking and pretending
to be a man that truly wasnt me

Then in walked Spirit, attitude with class and beauty
but as trained Marine I quickly saw through
I seen that she glowed and there is
more to this woman than i ever knew

I knew right away she was more
woman than I was man
But her presense I couldnt resist
it consumed me I couldnt understand

Then she called my name and with
my fear hidden answered this maidens call
We began our journey with
just nothin but small talk

As we talked the more in
depth our convo began to grow
I suddenly told her theres
something you need know

My outside appearnce is well
as you can plainly see
But deep inside there
are many broken things

Then I felt her courage and compassion
that Ive only felt by a few
As she said ricky to fix your broken things
it will take not 1 heart but 2

I instantly went back
to a day gone past
When mom called me to her death bed
to tell my future of things that will come to pass

She said that her work is finshed here
and told me not to cry
She then said after she is gone someone
will come to fix my broken things inside

I said Mommy this cannot be, so many pieces
some lost, and some even hide
I dont how anyone could ever
fix my broken things inside

Her voice grew firm and said son
there are things that I know
And someone will fix your broken things
after I have to go

Mom sent Spirit 
I suddenly realized
I instantly felt new
and my broken things felt good inside

I thought I was dreaming
but knew I hadnt slept
For the 1st time in 8 years, I cried,
but with tears of joy that I wept

I feel like the  man
I had known long before
But with a purpose to live
and if need be even die for

Mommy Spirits name is Becky
and she asked me to take a journey of fate
I said we go side by side, hand in hand,
heart by heart travel as one, forver real and not fake

Mommy thank you for sending becky
shes not perfect and thats the perfect part you see,
Im sorry I doubted, for you knew
she would fix the broken things inside of me

Life is short, Ive lost much time and
will not look for others to blame
Ill be a man take responsibilty for all
I alone take on all the shame

This day wont be forgotten when becky stepped in my life
and fixed the broken things inside of me
Mommy I love so much, thank you again
Goodnite and Sweetdreams

Authored by Rickyd 5/18/09

Inspired by an emotional out burst like I have never felt before

Yes I am alive again, and you Becky I am forever in your debt
Thank You for fixing my broken things inside

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