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43 Year Old · From Austin, TX · Invited by: oh hello lazer · Joined on November 23, 2006 · Born on November 4th
43 Year Old · From Austin, TX · Invited by: oh hello lazer · Joined on November 23, 2006 · Born on November 4th

I'm an insufferable wretch, according to some. I've been called an exploiter of the greater good. Some have called me a violent mysanthrope in desperate need of radioactive medication and therapy. Me, I think I'm harmless. Sure, my apetites are unusual. And yes, I can be a vengeful prick if someone crosses me. But in this day and age where people are sadly less human, with their kindness set into a coma by the cold of an Orwellian kiss, you have to be a bastard to keep people in line. I sure do hate a lot of things, I admit that much. But I also love in equal measures. I enjoy life.I don't really know who I am. I leave that for others to decide. I get more colorful every year according to my fans and detractors, though.What do I do... ?I book a punk rock club in Austin, TX. I write a zine. I do a website that can be located at http://www.youbettershutupandlisten.com. I write screenplays and commercials. I play guitar in a noise punk band. I live for white trash culture. I live and will most likely die by my addiction to seven inches, shitty movies, and beer.I watch horror films. I live in a party house. I'm entirely self-educated, and despite the fact that I look pretty crumby, I have lectured on cinema in Europe.I worry a lot. I'm a anti-social socialite.I am a ball of nervous energy.If there's something you really want to know, you can bother to ask I guess.

43 Year Old · From Austin, TX · Invited by: oh hello lazer · Joined on November 23, 2006 · Born on November 4th
hatemail, the paranormal, occult history of nazism, transgressive cinema, shitty diners, used book stores, alcoholism, crypozoology, road trips, religious iconography, women, horror films, writing (I write screenplays. I'd like to write a novel someday, but the undertaking of such a task intimidates me.), trash culture, Harold Pinter, Dennis Potter... I used to want most people dead, but now I just want them to be quiet criminology, forensic science, serial killers, torch song jazz, Glenn Miller (Sunrise Serenade), Les Baxter, dark comedy, comic books, punk rock, John Michael McCarthy, Charles Burns, Tony Millionaire, Jerkbeast, animation, Killed By Death, Orphans, more TBA...
9 Shocks Terror, Adolescents, A-Frames, Alex Chilton, Aluminum Knot Eye, Angry Angles, Angry Samoans, Annihilation Time, Antiseen, Armitage Shanks, Avengers, BBQ, Bad Times, Baseball Furies, Bassholes, Battleship, Beasts of Bourbon, BEAT HAPPENING, Billy Childish, Birthday Party, Reverend Beatman, Erik Satie, Big Boys, Big Black, Billy Childish, Black Flag, Black Lips, Black Sabbath, Black Time, Blank Its, The Blacks, Blasters, Blowtops, Boyd Rice, Boys Club, BRAINBOMBS, Buddy Holly, Busy Signals, Can, Carbonas, Career Suicide, Carpenters, Catholic Boys, Celibate Rifles, Chameleons, The Chills, Cheater Slicks, Chrome Cranks, The Clean, Clorox Girls, COACHWHIPS, Cococomas, Cocteau Twins, The Collins Kids, Cordell Jackson, The Coughs, Country Teasers, The Cows, Cramps, Crack Pipes, Crime, THE CRETEENS, Crimson Curse, Das Pussyhound, DEAD MOON, DC Snipers, The Dicks, Digital Leater, Destruction Unit, Die Rotzz, The Diodes, Django Reinhardt, D.R.I., Drunks With Guns, Dutchmasters, Effigies, The Fatals, Fe Fi Fo Fums, FEAR, Feelers, Final Solutions, Fireworks, Flat Duo Jets, Flakes, Flesheaters, Flipper, Flux of Pink Indians, The Frantic, The Freeze, Fuckemos, Get Hustle, Gibson Brothers, Goblin, The Gizmos, Guilty Hearts, The Guacos, Guitar Wolf, Harlan T Bobo, Hasil Adkins, Hellen Keller, Henry Fiat’s Open Sore, Hickoids, Hitler SS, Holy Molar, Holy Shit!, Honeymoon Killers, THE HORRORS!!!, Hospitals, Howlin' Wolf, Hubble Bubble, Hugh Beaumont Experience, Hugo Montegro, Human Eye, Hunches, Icky Boyfriends, The Idiot Strings, Intelligence, Ivy Green, Jack O' Fire, Jack Starr, Jeremy Gluck, Jack Starr, Jewws, JFA, John Lee Hooker, Jeff Novak, Kajun SS, Karate Party, Ken Nordine, Kill A Watts, Kind of Jazz Music That Kills, King Khan, King Louie, Knaughty Knights, Krunchies, The Lamps, Le Shok, Last Sons of Krypton, Laughing Clowns, Lightning Beatman, Les Baxter, Lili Zeller, Lollipop Shoppe, Lost Sounds, Lydia Lunch, Mad, the MakeUp, MARKED MEN, Metal Urbain, The Milkshakes, Misfits, Miss Alex White, Modern Lovers, Moodists, Motards, MOTO, Muddy Waters, THE MUMMIES, Naked Raygun, The Nerves, Nick Cave, THE OBLIVIANS, Observers, Original Three, Pagans, Party Owls, The Pack, Pentagram, PIL, Pedestrians, PeeChees, The Penetrators, Persuaders, Phantom Pregnancies, Pissed Jeans, THE PIRANHAS, Plastic Crimewave Sound, The Plugz, Ponys, Pooh Sticks, Pop Rivets, The Pumpers, Raincoats, Reagan Youth, The Rat Traps, Really Red, THE REATARDS, The Reds, Regulations, Really Red, Reverend Beatman, Rot Shit, Rowland S. Howard, Roy Orbison, Saints, THE SCIENTISTS, Scratch Acid, THE SCREAMERS, Silver Apples, Simply Sauder, Skull Kontrol, Spaceshits, Soviettes, Sonic Youth, THE SPITS, Stickmen With Ray Guns, Supercharger, TSOL, Tallboys, Teenage Head, Teengenerate, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Terror Visions, The Ventures, Thee Headcoats, TUNNEL OF LOVE, These Immortal Souls, KILLED BY DEATH, Tokyo Electron, Teen Cthulhu, Back from the Grave, Teenage Shutdown, U-Men, The Urinals, Vaselines, Victims (Australia), Wailers, Wax Museums, We March, Whitehouse, Wipers, Wongs, The Wrists, X (aus), Young Marble Giants, Zero Boys

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