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Invited by: 340887 · Joined on November 22, 2006
Invited by: 340887 · Joined on November 22, 2006

Well shit... what to put here... first off i truly hate these sections just cuz i h8 to think about what to put here... soo... a'ight well my names Robert J.A.W. The last 3 letters r my initials lol people get cunfuzed =p. I'm a volcalist. The only thing i need is a guitarist, bass player, and drummer and mother of hell you have yourselves a damn good band boys. Born in the bay area of cali, then went to upstate ny, then went to l.a., then san diego, then i lived on the side of hollywood hill thats not hollywood lol (where the poor actors live =p), then moved to aspen, co. my little bro was born there, then we moved to sacramento ca, moved to the sac area few more times, now im just kickin it in upstate oregon... so yeah thats a total of 14 houses lol. i skate when i can, but the rain up here dosent let anything happen around here... i also play football, not 4 the h.s. team yet, i gotta get out of the hell hole known as 8th grade first... but yeah i play WR and DE (aka wide reciever and defensive end). im tellin u guys to much i have to fill out the other sections... l8r.haha damn i wrote a lot

Invited by: 340887 · Joined on November 22, 2006
Skating and football haha... I told u guys in about me how i play wide reciever and defensive end right? Well did i also tell you that 2 years ago my team won state champs in northern cali-dats right bizitch, california-and last year we were state runner up-lost it by 12 points!!! But... thats the past... i dont even live in california anymore. I also play many different sports.
I love music... music is my life... its my soul, my heart, my brain. Without music people wouldn't be able to survive. Music keeps the party going. Music keeps us pumped up. I listen to music when i sleep haha, that is me and my music. Heres a few... tell me if you cant see my love for music... Panic! at the disco, Metallica, System of a down, Hawthrone Heights Journey, Guns & Roses, THE USED., atreyue, as i lay diying, under oath, aiden, armor forsleep, sex pistols, motley crue, my chemical romance, the unseen, reclaim the fallen, from first to last, scary kids scaring kids, silverstien, hollywood undead, old afi, anti flag, eighteen visions, A7X, lovehatehero, bleed the dream, the casulties, nofx, johhny cash niggas, 3 doors down, smashing pumkins, ac/dc, disgruntled, papa roach, fall out boiii, the acdemy is, roses are red, halifax, pink spidersss, black flag, black sabath, plain white t's, kil hannah, bulet for my valentine and many many more.
Video Games
Wii biznitches!!! Haha just kidding i come from the ghetto, i dont have video games man...

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