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33 Year Old · Joined on November 22, 2006 · Born on August 4th
33 Year Old · Joined on November 22, 2006 · Born on August 4th

Im an 18 yr old lad i like goin clubbin, love dance music, drinkin alot, and just havin a chat.I am going out with the most beautifull fiancee in the universe her name is jessica she is 16 and she studying hairdresin at swindon college im so proud of my lil baby gal an i know she will acheive everythin she wants in life, i am so happy wit u jess never leave me lol ur my life, u r just amazin ur everything i want, carin, sweet, affectionate, honest, trustfull, sweet, cute, lovely, beautifull, and she knows it!! we are going to be together 4eva we have been thro alot already all my fault tho im a very jelouse person over jessica cause i neva wana lose her but were happy and were getin on better than eva love u babie---///-----Put This --|||---|||---On Your --|||---|||---cherry If --|||---|||---You Know----///----Someone----///-----Who Died-----///-----Of----///----Cancer---///-----R.I.P DADif u wanna get to no me as a m8 add jason.f.88@hotmail.co.uk

33 Year Old · Joined on November 22, 2006 · Born on August 4th
well im interested in football (i support fulham fc) the best team ever, i love load music, going clubbin, loud music (especially dance music)umm hangin with m8s and going to see my beautifull fiancee she is my one and only love in this world. prob is more but i cant think right now!!!!!
i am a big fan of dance, trance, happy hardcore, garage u name it they are my best types of music i also like r n b, hip hop and sum chessy pop music lol
Video Games
just love to play a game on the internet called worldwide call of duty and a fottball manager game called championship manager

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