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46 Year Old · Male · From Wilmington, OH · Joined on November 19, 2006 · Born on March 18th · 1 person has a crush on me!
46 Year Old · Male · From Wilmington, OH · Joined on November 19, 2006 · Born on March 18th · 1 person has a crush on me!

I'm 33, 5',9", and a big teddybear of a guy. I traveled all over europe and america thanks to my dad's time in the air force. (I miss Texas, Georgia, England, and Germany the most.) I speak alittle french and german, and even a bit of american sign. I'm a pagan. My beliefs are an interesting blend of celtic, native american, and egyptian aspects. I've got three degrees in progress, and maybe one day I'll get around to finishing them up. I'm currently starting fresh. Taking time to figure my head out before looking for aything too serious school and job-wise. I'm always looking for new friends and playmates though, you can never have too many of either.

No I'm not just here for "hook-ups". I'm here for friends in general. If I rate a profile it's because I find something interesting about the person, their, profile, or even a creative nickname.

46 Year Old · Male · From Wilmington, OH · Joined on November 19, 2006 · Born on March 18th · 1 person has a crush on me!

My interests run to every part of the spectrum. I luv to hang around the house and veg in front of the playstation or the dvd player. I'm a huge movie nut modern and classic, matter of fact the more classic the better.

I enjoy hiking, fishing, flying kites and generally being in the outdoors. I'm a voracious reader. Some of my favorite authors are Jim Butcher, Chris Bunch, Tanya Huff, William King to name a few.

When I want something with alittle more adrenaline playing paintball, and target shooting fill the bill.
When I want something alittle more subdued going to museums, just driving around getting "lost" and finding interesting places and things and generally hanging are on the agenda.

When my friends and I feel like doing amazing things without going out we play a plethora of card, board, and role-playing games.

Sometimes we just get together to cook and spend time with each other talking about everything under the sun.

Now I know I don't look it but I'm also a fairly kinky teddybear. :) Yeah whips and chains who'da thunk it. Now we're not all scary monsters looking for victims so hush. I'm a sensualist which mean I'm all about the Mmmmmm... and not as much about the Ouch. I play with flogs, fire( yes when done right fire is fun.) and all manner of sensation toys, ice, wax feathers and fur etc. I'm a top/switch which means I can take as much as I dish out, and when I'm with a select few people this allows me to let down all the walls and get alot of yuck out of my soul.

Being in-touch with my kink side doesn't mean there isn't any old fashion romance in my soul. Fireplaces and flowers, stuffed animals and romantic dinners are always around the corner with me. I also give great massages( thinking about going to school and getting a certification in it), cook like you wouldn't believe, and I'm a good listener too.

I also eat and twirl fire, learning to spin it, and I'm working up to breathing it. :)

I have very eclectic tastes, I love all types of music. If it's got a beat I'll listen to it. I tend to listen to music rather than specific bands. I get it honest as I am a percussionist.
Video Games

When I just want to drain all the strain from my brain, video games do the trick. I prefer storyline games shooters and vehicle simulators, I'm also fond of the collections of old school aracade games they are putting out.

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